Full name Position Appointment date/Resignation date Number of shares owned Proportion of ownership of voting shares
Ms. Phan Thi Cam Huong Head of SB 15 January 2015 (re-elected on 25 June 2020 by GMS) 200 0.000038%
Mr. Do Minh Duong Member of SB 21 April 2016 2,000 0.000378%
Mr. Tran Van Binh Member of SB 27 April 2021 9 0.000002%
Mr. Nguyen Quoc Huy Member of SB 24 April 2019 (*)

(*) Mr. Nguyen Quoc Huy dismissed from his position of member of SB from 27 April 2021.


To get high effectiveness in inspection and supervision, SB has early developed an action plan which was approved by GMS. SB has seriously implemented operation plan for 2021, closely following GMS Resolutions and the actual situation; properly executing rights and responsibilities as prescribed in the Law on Enterprise, the Company’s Charter, and Regulation on SB operation.

SB inspects and supervises the management and the execution of BOD and BOM in the compliance with and implementation of the law, the Company’s Charter, GMS resolutions and the Company’s regulations as well as production and business activities and financial position of the Company on a regular, continuous and strict manner. Quarterly, SB carefully reviews, analyzes and assesses production and business reports and verifies the Company’s financial statements; Reviewing and giving opinion on documents and regulations and submit to BOD for approval; Supervising construction investment and implementing strategic orientations and business plans by attending meetings on construction, deployment and related reports; Inspecting operations of the Company’s functional divisions, affiliated units and member units; Supervising the implementation of the recommendations provided by superior inspection units; Attending all BOD’s meetings, the Company’s periodic meetings and relevant meetings.

Through above-mentioned activities, SB has made specific assessments on the performance of the units, promptly pointing out shortcomings, giving warning on risks as well as giving recommendations and solutions to BOD and GD in management and governance.

With above-mentioned inspection and supervision, in 2021, SB has successfully completed its operation plan approved by GMS.


In 2021, SB held six (06) meetings to approve the following issues: Assigning tasks to each supervisor, developing and implementing SB’s operational plan; approving reports submitted to GMS; appraising the Company’s financial statements; assessing the Company’s production and business; and evaluating SB’s operation. To be specific:

Meeting attendance of members of SB

No. Member Position Meeting attended Attendance rate Reason for not attending
1 Ms. Phan Thi Cam Huong Head of SB 6/6 100%
2 Mr. Do Minh Duong Member of SB 6/6 100%
3 Mr. Nguyen Quoc Huy Member of SB 1/6 17% (*)
4 Mr. Tran Van Binh Member of SB 5/6 83% (*)

(*) Mr. Nguyen Quoc Huy dismissed from his position of Member of SB from 27 April 2021 and Mr. Tran Van Binh was elected as Member of SB from 28 April 2021.