Number of employees, average salary for laborers

As at 31 December 2021, PVCFC has been employing a total of 1,022 employees (including 16 people from Board of Management) with average salary of VND 24.87 million/person/month.

Annual salary in 2021 was VND


million/ person/month

The Company always creates favorable, safe working environment, well implement labor policy, salary, bonus, social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance and other policies in accordance with regulations of the Laws, the Group and of PVCFC:

  • The Company fully implement salary pay, bonus, overtime pay and other allowances in accordance with salary, bonus and remuneration regulations; fully and timely implement social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance policies for employees in accordance with provisions of Labor Code and the Law on Social Insurance. In 2021, PVCFC did not owe social, health and unemployment coverages
  • The Company strictly carried out occupational safety training activities as well as provided full labor insurance coverage for all employees; providing hazard duty pay or benefits in kind to employees working under hazardous and dangerous environment in accordance with the State’s regulations, give allowances to those who have been isolated to work under “03 on the spot” plan during Covid-19 pandemic outbreak.
  • Provide expanded personal insurance coverage (PVI Care) to all employees and other types of insurance such as voluntary pension insurance, life insurance “postpaid benefits” to attract and stabilize employees’ living situations; transfer life insurance policy “postpaid benefits” (Sun Life) for employees eligible for regulations of the Company’s employee policy.
  • Apart from ensuring salary, welfare and remuneration policies for employees, PVCFC has also focused on taking care of spiritual life of employees through giving gifts, supporting employees with difficult circumstances, organizing cultural exchange programs, sports events as a spiritual playground and building spirit of internal solidarity.
Social, Health and Unemployment Insurance
Social insurance coverage in 2019
  • Social insurance: VND 49,307,217,226
  • Health insurance: VND 8,797,339,927
  • Unemployment insurance: VND 4,108,970,818
Social insurance coverage in 2020
  • Social insurance: VND 50,940,330,264
  • Health insurance: VND 9,021,022,719
  • Unemployment insurance: VND 4,214,046,825
Social insurance coverage in 2021
  • Social insurance: VND 53,532,779,655
  • Health insurance: VND 9,547,281,420
  • Unemployment insurance: VND 3,910,995,569
  • Total number of employees entitled to maternity leave: 12 employees with total maternity pay of VND 1,016,113,600
  • Total number of employees entitled to maternity leave: 12
  • Total number of employees returning to work after maternity leave: 12
  • Total number of employees retained 12 months after returning to work: 12
  • Return to work and retention rate after maternity leave is 100%

The Company’s collective labor agreement was signed in 2021 in employee conference and valid for 3 years (adjusted in accordance with regulations) between employer and chairman of trade union. The company is committed to fully implementing remuneration, salary policies, creating safe, comfortable and beneficial working environment for employees, specifically:

  • Create favorable conditions for employees to contribute opinions on employee’s rights, obligations and responsibilities.
  • Ensure democratic rights for employees, organize dialogues with employees
  • Improve responsibility and obligations of employer, create favorable conditions for political and social organizations (Party, Trade Union, Young Union, Veteran Association) to operate in accordance with regulations of the Law.
  • Organize monthly meetings to promote business and production activities, ensure implementation of plans to ensure benefits and interests for laborers.
  • General Director is responsible for reporting business and production situation, implementing collective labor agreements, salary and bonus policies, responding recommendations and requests of laborers.
  • PVCFC enters in to employment contracts with all employees in accordance with regulations of the Law.
  • Provide conditions of rest breaks, health assurance and bonuses that are more favorable for employees, special policies for female employees are higher than regulations of the Law.
  • Issue mandated hazard pay regulations for production workers


PVCFC always pays a special attention to human resource training and development. The Company always create favorable conditions for employees to participate in training courses to improve professional skills, knowledge to ensure business and production stability, specifically:

Annual average training hours: 23.6 hour/person.
Hours of training per employee:
  • Senior leaders (Board of Management, Division Head, Deputy Head and equivalent): 225 hours/year.
  • Mid-level leaders (Manager, Deputy Manager and equivalent, workshop leader, team leader): 1,020 hours/year.
  • Employees: 23,157 hours/year.
  • Programs for continuous learning and skill development

    In 2021, PVCFC has organized a variety of training courses including intensive training, management, skill, regular training courses to update professional knowledge, internal training courses to reinforce and improve professional skills for employees of production division to ensure stable, safe and effective operation of the plant. To improve competitiveness and governance capacity in all business and production activities and adapt to economic changes post Covid-19 pandemic, PVCFC has strengthened organization of training programs seminars, Vietnam-Singapore senior governance forum, energy transition, digital transformation, corporate governance in accordance with the best practices, business legal issues, corporate risk management, R&D governance, intellectual property and local documents.

    Training activities has helped PVCFC’s employees much improve their professional skills, maintain stable operation of the plant with high capacity of 110%, production plan was 14 days ahead of schedule. Moreover, employees have taken initiative in improving plant maintenance activities without hiring outside experts while business turnover and profit were much improved.


    For over 10 years of establishment and development imbued with its set of core values “Pioneering - Responsible - Considerate - Compatible”, PVCFC always maintains its missions as a “Nurturer” to “share happiness with communities” by practical sponsorships, charitable and social activities. It is clearly defined that sustainable development must be accompanied community responsibility. This is always an operational principle closely attached with other strategic goals.

    Since Covid-19 pandemic outbreak occurred early 2020 in Vietnam, PVCFC has been one of pioneers in joining hands with Government and localities in disease control and prevention activities. In 2021, apart from giving support to repel the Covid-19 pandemic, PVCFC has accompanied the country to implement urgent and meaningful activities based on the spirit of together overcoming challenges and stabilizing social security.

    In 2021, PVCFC has allocated VND 40 billion for social security and community-based activities.

    PVCFC has allocated a total of




    for social security and community-based activities
    Donate ambulances to provinces/cities seriously impacted by Covid-19 pandemic

    On 12 November 2021, being authorized by PetroVietnam, PVCFC has awarded 02 ambulances to support Ca Mau in a fight against Covid-19 pandemic. Attendants of the awarding ceremony included leaders of Ca Mau province and representatives of PVCFC.

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    Donate VND 3 billion to Ca Mau to purchase Covid-19 test kits

    On 12 November 2021, PVCFC has donated VND 3 billion to support Ca Mau Department of Health to purchase Covid-19 test kits. In the context of rapidly increasing number of confirmed cases, PVCFC’s financial support has added more energy to Covid-19 rapid testing efforts, effectively implement disease control and prevention measures of Ca Mau province.

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    Support Covid-19 patients in isolation areas in Ca Mau province

    To timely support people to return Ca Mau province and those in concentrated isolation areas in Ca Mau province, PVCFC’s unions have raised the “spirit of solidarity and kindness”, make contribution according to their ability.

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    Project inauguration in Hai Duong Province

    With economic development, increase of social welfare and security, leaving no one behind as a consistent and cross-cutting goal, PVCFC has strengthened solutions to improve quality of life of people, contribute to sustainable community development. On 22 November 2021, PVCFC has cooperated with People’s Committee of Thang Long Commune, Kinh Mon Township, Hai Duong province to organize inauguration ceremony of Trung Hoa Community Education Center. This is a part of PVCFC’s social security programs in 2021 to improve quality of life of local people as well as promote local economic development.

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    Donate VND 1 billion to support Ca Mau in combating Covid-19

    In response to launching ceremony of peak donation campaign to support prevention of Covid-19 pandemic (Phase 2) of Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Ca Mau Province, PVCFC has made a total contribution of VND 1 billion to support Ca Mau in combating Covid-19. On this occasion, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tung - Deputy General Director of PVCFC expressed his concerns about hardships, shortage of medical equipment and supplies at grassroots facilities and even human resource on the frontline in remote areas like Ca Mau. He also expressed PVCFC’s commitments to accompany and fulfil its responsivities for Covid-19 pandemic control and prevention activities.

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    Donate VND 5 billion to Vietnam Vaccine Fund

    During tough times of Covid-19 pandemic, as Vietnam’s leading fertilizer trading and production company, it is very urgent and necessary for PVCFC to join hands with the Government to overcome difficulties and challenges.

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    Give support to farmers in the Mekong Delta region facing difficulties during pandemic and the fall of agricultural prices.

    The Covid-19 pandemic has caused serious damages to rice consumption activities in the Mekong Delta region. Rice price continued to drop and deter buyers. With a mission for the future of farmers, rural area and Vietnamese agriculture, PVCFC has implemented a program of “unanimously support and overcome challenges with farmers” to share difficulties with farmers during such a tough time. The program has been implemented in 23 provinces and cities, giving 26,000 Ca Mau branded high quality fertilizer bags to farmers nationwide. In addition, the company has given 500 gifts of essential goods such as rice, sugar, cooking oil, medical equipment, etc. to farmers.

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    Fund construction of 3 rural bridges worth VND 1.5 billion for Thoi Binh District, Ca Mau Province

    In order to create favorable conditions for road traffic and provide safe route for students to schools, especially in rainy season, PVCFC has funded construction of 3 rural traffic bridges worth VND 1.5 billion in Thoi Binh District. This is a very meaningful gift presenting responsibilities of the Leadership and employees of PVCFC for local communities, promptly responding to desires of safe roads and travel of local people and authorities of Thoi Binh District.

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    Fund light installation in U Minh District

    On 28 February 2022, Standing Committee of Ca Mau Provincial Youth Union organized an emulation movement to welcome youth union congress at all levels in 2022-2027 term and launched “Youth Month 2022”, on this occasion, PVCFC has handed over 6 projects of “lighting up country roads” to U Minh District. Each project installed light system with total length of 8km in 6 districts including Khanh An, Nguyen Phich, Khanh Thuan, Khanh Tien, Khanh Lam, Khanh Hoa with total investment capital of VND 300 million. These projects not only created favorable conditions for local people to travel but also create more stronger and prosperous communities, contribute to new rural development.

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    Scholarships awarded to poor students in Ca Mau province

    The Covid-19 pandemic complicated developments have made it more difficult for poor students in Ca Mau province. Despite many challenges in business and production activities, PVCFC continued to maintain business and production efficiency and give more scholarships to students in remote areas.

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    Scholarships of VND 420 million awarded to students of Can Tho University

    Continue to follow up the journey of sowing seeds of love, empower and bring hope to students nationwide, PVCFC, as a “Nurturer”, has awarded 60 scholarships worth VND 420 million to students of Faculty of Agriculture of Can Tho University

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    Scholarships of over VND 210 million awarded to students of PetroVietnam University

    At the online opening ceremony of 2021-2022 school year of Petro Vietnam University (PVU) taken place on 28 October 2021, PVCFC has awarded 30 scholarships worth VND 210 million for gifted students.

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