Expressing the elected agriculture vision and mission, PetroVietnam Ca Mau Fertilizer Joint Stock Company (Ca Mau Fertilizer, PVCFC, Hose: DCM) officially issued the Code of Business Conduct. - COC) that applies to all members. This is the basis for PVCFC to set up policy programs as well as a "guideline" that will guide it towards high-class governance standards, solidify its position with customers and partners, and leverage competitive value in the market.

Fusion with culture and identity

In fact, the rules of fair and just behavior—internally and externally—have been implemented by PVCFC for many years as part of its identity culture. Seven Good Habits (7 Habits) or 5S Methods have been regularly implemented by all members of the Company every day and maintained smoothly for more than 10 years. Each “healthy” cell has accumulated to form a strong collective. The great solidarity block has helped PVCFC overcome the most difficult periods, develop steadily up until now, and maintain and spread the business' reputation.


To date, completion and application of the Code of Business Conduct have been a strong affirmation in the new development journey, creating a clear identity for a leading fertilizer brand with a chain of persistent core values: Pioneering - Responsibility - Affability - Harmony. 



The Code consists of 5 chapters: general provisions, commitments, conduct in accordance with international practices, delineation of responsibilities, implementation provisions, and 26 articles. whereby it contributes to orienting the team to behave and interact more professionally, faster, and more efficiently. COC will help to resonate and bring PVCFC closer to higher governance standards, gradually increasing the brand's sustainable competitive advantage in domestic and foreign markets.


Considered a successful “handbook” for self-training and organizational development, COC is the result of the PVCFC's painstaking research, preparation, and summary based on reality and suitable to corporate culture. 

The Executive Board believes that the Code of Business Conduct - COC will help all employees of PVCFC know how to behave properly and in accordance with the features of PVCFC in the journey to realize their responsibilities and goals. The Executive Board of PVCFC encourages all individuals to cooperate and provide feedback in researching and ensuring the compliance of this Code of Conduct.

Becoming an exemplary fertilizer brand

The Code of Business Conduct (COC) applies to all business operations of PVCFC. This is the basis for PVCFC to establish programs, policies, and decision-making to ensure the correctness of the journey to realize the ambition and mission that PVCFC has chosen.

This Code of Conduct has always had a strong influence on the reputation, success, and sustainable development of PVCFC. Moreover, by being applied in daily work practice, this Code of Conduct also helps PVCFC towards higher governance standards, and, at the same time, contributes to the orientation of the staff to behave in a professional and faster manner, contributing to the formation of a sustainable competitive advantage for PVCFC.

Understanding and complying with this Code of Business Conduct helps PVCFC people become “role models” for colleagues, have credibility with customers and partners, and have a sense of responsibility to the social community.

Helping each other better and properly implementing the content of the COC at the same time clearly stipulates that each member must be a key link, monitoring compliance and promptly reporting any violators to receive appropriate sanctions. Discipline and strictness are focused on by PVCFC to ensure the most accurate and strictest implementation process.

In addition to the internal cultural orientation that ensures collective discipline, PVCFC COC also plays an active role in the brand strategy and the commitment of the business to what it represents. At Ca Mau Fertilizer, those are the 4 core values of Pioneering, Responsibility, Affability, Harmony, dedicated to internal companions and trusted partners and customers throughout the journey.

In today's competitive market, every business is racing to expand and retain customers for longer periods of time. Ca Mau Fertilizer considers it a challenge as well as an opportunity to affirm itself. With the COC, a member who applies well will earn an impressive plus point from the receiver. Appreciating the professionalism and respect will hold their attention and encourage them to come back again and again to experience PVCFC's products and services.

Thus, the design and application of the Code of Business Conduct will create a big step for Ca Mau Fertilizer in its competitive strategy and brand elevation. ensuring that business ethics standards are met, beginning with internal appearance, and progressing to external appearance in tandem with external communication and behavior culture. All factors harmoniously create a stable advantage, contribute to the sustainable development of businesses and play an active role in the social community and the surrounding environment.