In Ho Chi Minh City, PetroVietnam Camau Fertilizer Joint Stock Company (PVCFC, Hose: DCM) has officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Yetak Group. The signing ceremony marks a promising step forward, further affirming the quality and trust of Vietnamese fertilizer products in the Cambodian market.

In this cooperation, Yetak Group is officially the exclusive distributor of PVCFC's Urea Bio product. Urea Bio has accompanied and become a close friend of Vietnamese farmers. Applying modern biotechnology, Urea Bio is produced from a mixture of urea materials and a solution of beneficial microorganisms such as Bacillus sp, which increases the conversion of nutrients in soil, thereby improving soil fertility and helping plants have good resistance to pests and diseases.

Overview of the cooperation signing ceremony between PVCFC and Yetak Group

Attending the signing ceremony on the side of Yetak Group were Mr. Phe Huk Chhun - General Director (General Director), together with leaders and representatives of units of the Group. On the side of PVCFC, the attendees were Mr. Van Tien Thanh - Member of the Board of Directors - General Director of the Company, Mr. Nguyen Duc Hanh - Member of the Board of Directors, Deputy General Directors: Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tung and Ms. Nguyen Thi Hien, together with leaders of departments/units of the Company.

With natural characteristics, farming conditions and consumption habits similar to the Mekong Delta, Cambodia has always been identified as an important target market of PVCFC. From the first steps in 2015 with the signing of a contract to distribute products in the Cambodian market, PVCFC’s market share in this market is now over 40%. Many other products of PVCFC have been gradually entering this market.

Mr. Phe Huk Chhun - General Director of Yetak Group spoke at the signing ceremony

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Phe Huk Chhun - General Director of Yetak Group highly appreciated PVCFC's contributions to the Group's development and Cambodian agriculture. General Director of Yetak Group emphasized that PVCFC's products were very popular and trusted by Cambodian farmers. PVCFC contributes to the prosperous golden seasons and helps to modernize Cambodia's agriculture and rural areas.

Mr. Van Tien Thanh - General Director of PVCFC spoke at the signing ceremony

Sharing in the signing ceremony, Mr. Van Tien Thanh - General Director of PVCFC said, Yetak Group has accompanied PVCFC since 2015. Yetak Group's consumption of PVCFC branded products has grown strongly every year. Not only that, Yetak Group is always a pioneer in accompanying PVCFC to bring new products into the Cambodian market. The success of PVCFC here is associated with the cooperation with Yetak Group. This cooperation marks a new phase of creating favorable conditions and sharing difficulties and challenges. Both parties believe in the goal of long-term, stable and sustainable development in the new period.

The cooperation signing ceremony is a promising step forward in successful cooperation and development between PVCFC and Yetak

The signing ceremony marks an important step when Yetak Group is officially the exclusive distributor of Urea Bio product to farmers throughout the Kingdom of Cambodia. In the era towards sustainable farming, PVCFC will provide Yetak Group with high quality products, along with optimal farming technical solutions, adapting to natural conditions, in accordance with the farming habits and practices of farmers here. Urea Bio and many products of PVCFC are a testament to efforts to accompany and win the trust of Cambodian farmers for a more sustainable and prosperous development.

PVCFC presented souvenirs to Yetak Group

Yetak Group presented souvenirs to PVCFC