On March 9, 2023, PetroVietnam Camau Fertilizer Joint Stock Company celebrated its 12th anniversary. This is not a long journey but full of ups and downs and imprints, vividly depicting the journey of growth and stability in the mission of creating Vietnamese agricultural values.

Pioneering imprints

Each brand is a story. PVFC has pioneered in creating, persistently cultivating, striving to spread sustainable value chains for farmers, agriculture and the community. From difficult beginnings, PVFC has grown, developed and played an important role in the fertilizer industry.

PVCFC to constantly cooperate with universities to find suitable technology solutions for Vietnam

PVCFC takes the steep road. That rise is reflected in the small scale of staff to more than 1,000 skilled and proficient employees today. 600 energetic, passionate, and creative engineers quickly mastered the most advanced machinery system in Europe, maintaining the factory in safe and stable operation at maximum capacity from 100 to 110%. 

PVCFC has steadily produced and supplied over 10 million tons of fertilizer to the market in the past 12 years and is the first choice of farmers in the North, Southeast, Central Highlands and especially more than 60% of the market share in the Mekong Delta. Total revenue is over 82 trillion dong, profit is over 12,000 billion dong, total payment to the state budget is nearly 1,500 billion dong.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hien - Deputy General Director of PVCFC is discussion with customers about flexible business policies

PVCFC has been proven to be a pioneer in many aspects in order to optimize production and business capacity and increase competitiveness in the market. First, in terms of products. PVCFC was established in association with the mission of "Nourishing" Vietnamese agriculture. From the very beginning, the leadership has focused and invested heavily in research and development. From the core product of urea, after 12 years, "Hat Ngoc Mua Vang" has been developed into dozens of high-quality product lines using advanced technology and trendy organic and micro-organic fertilizers, especially NPK Ca Mau – the enthusiasm of collective intelligence and methodical research. PVCFC successfully completed the task of providing comprehensive nutritional solutions for crops in many regions, joining hands to stabilize the fertilizer market and actively developing sustainable green agriculture, contributing positively to stabilizing the food security of the country in accordance with the objectives set by the government.

PVCFC continuously won important awards of the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group in the past years.

Taking the lead is also reflected in innovative thinking, continuous development. Over the past decade, each PVCFC person has been a living entity spreading the culture of body-mind-spirit training. 7Hahits, 5S, cultural handbook, etc. become an inspiration for life and work every day. Under the guidance and encouragement of the Leadership, the emulation movements have become more and more qualitative and attractive, including sports, culture and art, innovations movements. 

Many projects have been put into practice, generating profits of tens of billions dong per year for the company along with many other benefits. For example, PVCFC is "Top 10% of the world's lowest energy-consuming plants" certified by Haldor Topsoe, a record of "45 days of safe and stable operation" from Toyo. PVCFC is also a prominent member of the Group when continuously winning important awards for innovative research over the years, contributing useful values to the industry and to agriculture. 

Development for Vietnam's agriculture

PVCFC strives to preserve core values of “Pioneering - Responsibility - Kindness - Harmony” for the companions, even in the most difficult period. Especially in the period of Covid-19 and later, the spirit of flexible adaptation, innovation and development is always persistent to maintain operations and ensure the health and safety of all company members.

The journey of PVCFC is also an effort to reach out and contribute to improving the position of Vietnam's agriculture in the international arena.

In 2022, PVCFC contributed to the export achievement of $1 billion of the whole industry.

In addition to ensuring domestic supply, the company also expands its supply abroad and continuously reaps impressive results. From the first attempt to find the market until now, the brand is present in many countries from Asia to Europe. The company holds 30% market share in Cambodia, and has presence in Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand. The Company's regular markets include India, South Asia. Especially in 2022, PVCFC's products were exported to South America, Peru, Mexico, the United States, France, etc., contributing to the achievement of 1 billion USD in exports of the whole industry. 

12 years is also a film recording PVCFC's human journey on all roads. The company is considered to be an active enterprise taking the lead in implementing social, community, and employee responsibilities. The contribution of VND 400 billion will be increased. 1,485 Great Solidarity houses, 56 school buildings, 13 health facilities, 22 bridge spans, many projects on rural transport, clean water and sanitation, etc. have been bringing profound values to the people, community. The idea generation has been inspired and nurtured since the early days of its establishment. There are now 1049 initiatives, improvements, and lean production methods; more than 50 scientific research topics applied to create new product lines; 16 patent applications approved by the Intellectual Property Office of Viet Nam and under examination; 01 Petroleum Science and Technology award for the second time; 03 Vifotech awards in 2021 with a total benefit of about VND 2,578 billion and other benefits.

PVCFC was established with the mission of "Nourishing" Vietnamese agriculture.

PVCFC has learned from its achievements and difficulties. The coming road is filled with gratitude for the closeness of the industry, the Group and especially, the trust and support of shareholders, customers and millions of farmers across the country. All members of the company are ready with the spirit of "Constant Effort - Change and Development" to strive to grow stronger and more stable for the 12th anniversary.