The farmers should understand that the nutritional needs of rice plants will be changed at this stage. It can be divided into 3 group: increase, decrease and unchanged. The increasing group includes Calcium, Bo (in which Bo has the highest increase); The decrease group includes Phosphorus, Nitrogen, Sulfur, Iron, Copper; The maintenance group is Potassium.

Currently, Ca Mau 20-20-15 NPK product with the formula supplemented with NPK full of multi- - medium - trace mineral elements will provide all the necessary nutrients for rice plants in the growing stage, specifically, Ca Mau NPK 10-20-15 will help the roots grow deep and wide; the trunk grows strong with thick, green, and shiny leaves; increase resistance for plants, good resistance to pests and diseases; The rice grains will ripen evenly, contributing to increased yield and crop value.

In order to optimize the cost of fertilizer, while still ensuring increased crop productivity, many farmers only need to use Ca Mau 20-20-15 NPK in combination with the right fertilization for blossom period.

According to experience from many good farmers, in order to determine the time for fertilizing during blossom period, farmers just need to subtract 50 days from the growing time of rice. However, for the most accurate fertilization in blossom period, farmers need to tear off the rice stalks about 10 plants at random, when seeing 7-8 plants with 1mm (1mm) "lamp-wick" it is the most accurate time for fertilizing.

With the "golden secret" of NPK Ca Mau 20-20-15 farmers can both optimize the cost and ensure adequate nutrition for the rice crop, promising many successful autumn-winter crops.