Usually, for corn, people often divide fertilization into 3 phases: basal fertilization before planting, fertilization when the plants reach 9-10 leaves, and when the corn starts to tassel.

However, during the third fertilization phase, the corn plants are already tall and dense, making it difficult to apply fertilizer. So how can we effectively care for corn? Let's pocket the “golden tips” from Ca Mau Fertilizer:

When corn reaches 9-10 leaves and before tasseling (approximately 24-50 days after sowing), people should apply NPK Ca Mau 16-16-8+TE and Ca Mau Potassium. The dosage for each is 250-300kg/ha and 75kg/ha respectively, dear farmers!

This is the suggested nutrient dosage from Ca Mau Fertilizer; however, individuals can calculate the appropriate dosage for their plants based on the crop type and soil fertility in each region.

Additionally, on nutrient-poor soils such as Acrisols or sandy soil, it is advisable to apply a higher proportion of phosphorus and potassium compared to alluvial soils or red basaltic soil, to prevent issues like sparse tassels, small corn, and lodging.

By fertilizing at the right time and with the appropriate nutrients, we can ensure robust corn kernels and a bountiful harvest, bringing satisfaction and joy to farmers everywhere!

Ca Mau Fertilizer