After a successful harvest season,

How to help pomelo recover?

Nitrogen - Phosphorus - Potassium fertilization

Pruning branches, preparing for the next season!

It's crucial to ensure our pomelo trees recover swiftly to gear up for the next cycle. Neglecting their post-harvest care can significantly impact yields in the upcoming season. So, let's IMMEDIATELY SAVE these golden tips for revitalizing pomelo trees and setting them up for a healthy start:

GARDEN CLEANING: Start by weeding around plant base, clear away fallen branches and debris from agricultural materials. A clean and well-ventilated environment is essential for the tree's health.

PRUNING: Trim away sub-branches and diseased branches, as well as those that have already borne fruit. Shape the tree for optimal growth by maintaining 2 to 3 main branches at level 3. This encourages the development of a broad and horizontal canopy. Remember to use sanitized pruning tools to prevent the spread of diseases by bacteria or viruses.

GOLDEN NUTRITION: Balance the nutrients to help the tree recover and enhance its growth potential, preparing it for the upcoming new season.

Ca Mau Fertilizer recommends using balanced Nitrogen - Phosphorus - Potassium fertilizers, such as NPK Ca Mau 20-10-10, to care for pomelo orchards after harvest. NPK Ca Mau 20-10-10 is a high-quality fertilizer with a superior granule, consistent nutrient ratios, and manufactured using modern technology. It stimulates strong root and leaf development, expediting the pomelo tree's recovery process!

Additionally, farmers should consider incorporating organic fertilizer such as OM CAMAU to promote the growth of young root systems and enhance nutrient absorption efficiency. The rich organic content of OM CAMAU not only improves sandy soils' quality but also amplifies fertilizer utilization effectiveness.

By following these Golden Tip, a bustling harvest season is ensured where everyone can reap abundant rewards!

Ca Mau Fertilizer