Just keeping the light on and tending to the fruits or flowers is not enough, dear farmers. Dragon fruit trees require balanced nutrition for high productivity, so here's a golden tip from Ca Mau Fertilizer that you can pocket right away:

Post-harvest: After picking, nourish your trees with NPK Ca Mau 20-10-10, around 200 - 300 grams/plant, and consider supplementing with a foliar spray to aid post-harvest recovery.

10 - 15 days before flowering preparation: Ca Mau Fertilizer recommends using DAP Ca Mau (or superphosphate) along with Kali Ca Mau 61 to promote excellent flower bud division.

As your dragon fruits begin to set buds, feed them with NPK Ca Mau 20-10-10, at a dosage of 200 - 300 grams/plant, to set the stage for hearty growth and future bountiful harvests.

After tendril trimming: remember to use NPK Ca Mau 20-10-10 at a dosage of about 150 - 250 grams/plant to accelerate fruit development.

Fruition stage, 14-16 days: choose NPK Ca Mau Gold 18-8-18 at a dosage of 150-250 grams/plant to ensure larger and more uniform fruits.

10 days before harvest: use Ca Mau Potassium 61 along with fertilizer at a dosage of about 100-150 grams/plant to guarantee top-notch fruit quality.

NPK Ca Mau is a single-color fertilizer containing balanced Nitrogen - Phosphorus - Potassium nutrients in each granule. It helps dragon fruit trees absorb nutrients more efficiently with PolyPhosphate technology, manufactured on modern production lines.

Ca Mau Potassium 61 is a high-quality fertilizer with an effective potassium content consistently above 61%. Imported from Israel by Ca Mau Fertilizer, it is produced from raw materials directly extracted from the Dead Sea region, utilizing modern production lines at the Dead Sea Works plant. It is less prone to smearing, remains dry and easy to blend.

NPK Ca Mau and Ca Mau Ca Mau Potassium 61 help increase productivity effectively, saving time and effort in caring for dragon fruit trees. Stay tuned for more Golden Tips from Ca Mau Fertilizer!

Ca Mau Fertilizer