First, farmers need to prune off old, sick branches, keep healthy branches so that the tree can focus on nutrition. Pruning also creates ventilation, which helps the tree not to be tall and keeps the balance between the branches of the canopy.

Next, although dragon fruit is a good drought-tolerant plant, people should also monitor it regularly to water it properly.

Finally, the nutritional for dragon fruit in this period is the most important thing, helping the dragon fruit tree to recover and add nutrients to the soil. This is also the period when the plant accumulates nutrients to use for the next season. Therefore, farmers should choose fertilizers that both meet the nutritional needs of the plants and are less harmful to the soil. 

Ca Mau NPK 16-16-8+13S+TE with a very reasonable NPK ratio (16% Nitrogen, 16% Phosphorus, 8% Potassium, 13% Sulfur, 500 ppm Zinc, 500 ppm Bo) is very suitable for dragon fruit in this period. In addition, the product has a very low content of silvery-colored substance (Biuret), and the moisture content of 1.5% will help prevent soil degradation, imbalance of pH and moisture, affecting the growth of plants. Therefore, Ca Mau NPK products are always trusted by people during the development process and after harvesting.

Not only helps dragon fruit trees stay healthy and green for next season's cultivation, NPK 16-16-8+13S+TE also optimizes production costs for farmers, contributing to increasing crop value.