Determining that the information technology system plays an important role in the management, direction and operation of production and business activities, since 2017, PVCFC has prepared for the digital transformation strategy with the important mark of establishing the Big data Project Board and recorded many positive results, most notably the breakthrough and outstanding success in 2020.

The digital transformation strategy has helped PVCFC step by step standardize the management process towards modernity, deploying and applying the world's leading advanced management solutions, along with that, PVCFC's professional and technical staffs are also trained and transferred technology to be ready to meet the requirements of actively receiving technology, mastering technology, operating management and effectively use the invested IT system in the digital transformation strategy.

Over many years of applying information technology, the digital transformation process at PVCFC has achieved some remarkable achievements, typically: Information is recorded, processed accurately, timely and reliably; Willing to respond to requests for information provision in accordance with regulations of public companies and State management agencies; Contributing to saving time and costs, increasing labor productivity; Traceability of product origin; Increasing competition and customer satisfaction.


1. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

As one of the pioneers in the Group in bringing the Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) project into practice and officially goline January 1, 2016 for the main modules: SD, MM, WM, PP, FICO, etc. overcoming many difficulties in the early stages, the ERP system has become a foundation system that is widely and synchronously applied in many departments, optimizing the efficiency of daily work.

2. Administrative document management system (EOFFICE)

Eoffice suite with full functions of a digital office such as: document management, task management, work schedule, contact directory, payment, NCC advance, resource booking system, etc. Especially, PVCFC is the leader in electronic signature application. Currently, over 90% of internal documents and vouchers apply electronic signatures for approval, bringing remarkable efficiency.

Become one of the 5 strategic emulation goals to celebrate 10 years of establishment of Petroleum Ca Mau Fertilizer Joint Stock Company (March 9, 2011 - March 9, 2021), PVCFC continues to digitize and optimize systems such as: Cash flow reporting system to control costs; Risk Management System; Management of scientific and technological activities; Registration & approval of initiatives and inventions which are always important resources for the benefit of the Company.

3. SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) module integrated with SAP system

During production operation, PVCFC has implemented the conversion process and successfully applied the SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) module integrated with the SAP system to replace the previous CMMS system. The application of SAP PM has helped PVCFC effectively manage plant maintenance and repair activities. Besides, PVCFC also applied very effectively the following modules: incident management, managing changes in technological equipment and implementing product quality management applications; Barcode application integrated with SAP ERP in inventory management.

4. Deployment of DMS - CRM

With a network of thousands of distribution agents - close partners across the country, PVCFC has deployed DMS - CRM system to optimize distribution channel management and customer relations for business activities. From there, strengthen the maximum support in transportation, warehousing, sales promotion, etc. to ensure the quality and quantity of products to farmers.

5. Traceability management application (QR Code)

With the traceability management application (Qrcode), for the first time, users can easily access and learn information about fertilizers, distribution channels, suppliers, detailed content, etc. increase knowledge to use the right products effectively, aiming to fight counterfeits and imitations. Currently, the Company has applied this application for NPK, UreBio, N64plus, etc. and PVCFC will continue to develop further in the coming time.

6. Cloud Cloud-based applications

For Cloud-based applications, PVCFC boldly applies Azure, AWS and Office 365 toolsets with Ms Exchange, Ms Teams to turn these applications into effective support tools for information exchange and meetings, especially during the recent Covid-19 pandemic. All these factors are gradually forming a diversified and quality PVCFC Ecosystem, meeting the development needs of the Company in the new situation, affirming its position and constantly improving Ca Mau Fertilizer brand in the market.

It can be said that IT application and digital transformation project has been increasingly promoting its role, contributing to improving the efficiency of management, production and business, meeting the progress of PVCFC. PVCFC from the very beginning has step by step entered the orbit and developed stably, with safe and secure management, efficient production and business in each year despite the difficult market context, aiming to increase benefits and value for farmers, customers and partners.


In order to catch up with global technology trends and firmly enter the new decade, PVCFC continues to improve existing applications, and successfully build a Data warehouse system connecting multiple data sources to serve the needs of analysis and decision making for the Executive Board, Build data team and effectively apply analytical tools (BI) to serve the analysis needs of end users.

Along with well grasping the development trend in the era of technology in all aspects, PVCFC also sets the direction of deep and wide application of artificial intelligence AI, IoT, Machine learning, Big data, Cloud to automate the work, optimize production activities, reduce human effort with maximum efficiency. Also develop and complete the management reporting system towards international accounting standards.

With achievements and clear strategic direction, PVCFC continues to maintain the leading position of the Group in pioneering IT application, implementing effective digital transformation, and becoming an example for other units to visit, learn and share experiences to make progress together towards the goal of sustainable development, serving the country's agriculture and contributing to the economic development of Vietnam in the new period. This has great significance for an enterprise operating in the field of agriculture.