In the medium and long-term period from the next 5-10 years, PVCFC focuses on large, strategic goals and overall orientation for the unit's activities in the new situation.


The strategic target markets of PVCFC in the coming time are the Mekong Delta, Southeast region and the Central Highlands, and Cambodia. Besides, PVCFC actively expands, exploits and penetrates domestic markets in the Central and Northern regions and Southeast Asia, South Asia and Latin America markets.


Strive to increase sales of fertilizer product lines from 6-10%/year, depending on the specific product structure and proportion of each product to ensure revenue and profit targets. In terms of revenue, improve the growth rate from 5-10%/year and strive to make PVCFC one of the top 5 business units in Vietnam in terms of revenue by 2025.


In the medium and long-term period from the next 5-10 years, PVCFC focuses on large, strategic goals and overall orientation for the unit's activities in the new situation.


Maintain a domestic fertilizer market share of at least 10%/year on a national scale. Regarding Urea, maintain the domestic market share from 30-35%/year; Regarding NPK, strive to meet 5-10% of the domestic market share and focus on capturing at least 20% of the domestic target market. Regarding other fertilizer products, strive to meet 5-15% depending on the specific product segment.


Continue to maintain production, sales and distribution of core products Urea in the domestic market. Depending on the period, in order to reduce the risk of oversupply of urea in the country, PVCFC proactively deploys reasonable export channels and ensures a reasonable balance of domestic supply and demand. Regarding NPK, PVCFC strives to increase consumption volume in the domestic market, especially the target markets in the Mekong Delta, the Southeast region and the Central Highlands as well as the strategic market in Cambodia. Besides the inorganic product line, PVCFC gradually expands its portfolio and exploits the organic fertilizer segment in order to adapt to the change of the business environment in the new situation. In addition, in order to be proactive in trading other fertilizer products, PVCFC studies and exploits the import and export segments to import DAP, Potassium, NPK, SA fertilizers to serve the demand for raw materials of NPK Factory and other domestic distributors.


The fact that PVCFC officially expanded its brand from "Dam Ca Mau" to "Ca Mau Fertilizer" is an important step marking the maturity and continuous growth of PVCFC during its 10-year development journey. This not only contributes to enhancing the position of Ca Mau Fertilizer brand in the domestic market, increasing competitive advantages, affirming the trust of customers when choosing Ca Mau Fertilizer products, but also contributes opening up many potential cooperation opportunities for PVCFC in the future.


Continue to strengthen, develop and expand the distribution system at all levels, with orientations for the 2021-2025 period, the growth of the first-tier distribution system will be 2 times higher than at the present, and the annual growth of the second-tier partnership will be 5%/year and the goal is to develop at least 15,000 second-tier agents. The development of distribution system is indispensable in order to promote the consumption of NPK and other products in the context that PVCFC enters a new stage of development with many new challenging goals. Regarding the target market, the focus is still on the priority of developing and consolidating distribution system at all levels in the Mekong Delta, Southeast Region & the Central Highlands, Cambodia, in parallel with developing distribution system model on the basis of effective application of information technology in sales and distribution system management in order to dominate the market and compete successfully against competitors.


Promote research and development (R&D) on the basis of devoting more material resources, developing personnel, supplementing advanced and modern equipment and laboratories to serve R&D to the fullest. The priority goal of R&D is to introduce new fertilizer product lines with higher value than current products, at competitive prices, and to meet the needs of farmers and distribution systems, ensuring economic efficiency and business size in each market. Regarding solutions, besides internal resources, PVCFC prioritizes searching, selecting, boldly pioneering in collaboration with institutes, schools and centers both at home and abroad through a team of reputable experts and scientists, and aims to manufacture nutritional products/solutions with high gray matter content, meeting the requirements of the market and customers in the future.


Based on internal resources, PVCFC has researched and piloted the merger and acquisition of a number of highly feasible investment projects in order to diversify the unit's value supply chain, giving maximum priority to the domestic market. Regarding M&A goals, in addition to meeting financial and business goals, the company also ensures competitive orientation, brand expansion, distribution control and above all ensures PVCFC's long-term competitiveness in the market in the next 10-20 years.