On April 11, 2022, at Thanh Tai Port, Long An Province, PetroVietnam Ca Mau Fertilizer Joint Stock Company (PVCFC; HOSE: DCM) cooperated with the High Command of Coast Guard Region 4 to implement the program “PVCFC for the green of Spratly Islands”. At the event, PVCFC sponsored 200 tons of fertilizer worth more than VND 1.8 billion in order to contribute to making the islands greener and transforming Truong Sa island district into a green - clean - beautiful environment.

Fertilizers of PVCFC to contribute to the green color on the islands.

Participating in the program, the High Command of Coast Guard Region 4 included: Comrade Admiral Nguyen Dinh Hung, Senior Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Trung Quang - Head of Logistics, Major Vu Van Thai - Head of Quartermaster Division, Mr. Le Dinh Hai - Chairman of Truong Sa District People's Committee. PVCFC representatives included: General Director Van Tien Thanh, Deputy General Director, Nguyen Thi Hien and other Heads, Deputy Heads of Departments and Units of the Company.

Many natural disasters, particularly Storm no. 9 in 2021, severely impacted the facilities and environmental landscape of the Spratly Islands. Spratly Islands have always been interested in and contributed to by organizations, agencies, and businesses as a place to prove national sovereignty and play a role in preserving the country's peace.

On its journey to for the benefit of agriculture, PVCFC has always been enthusiastic about social security work for the community and the country. In the face of the Spratly Islands' difficulties, Rear Admiral Nguyen Dinh Hung praised PVCFC's spirit and responsibility by providing prompt and timely assistance. “Pearls of Golden Crops” - A set of superior nutritional solutions for various types of crops, suitable for different types of soils beyond the rice fields, vegetable farms to distant sea islands.

The geography of the Spratly Islands is desert and experiences harsh weather throughout the year. It takes several years and efforts to bring a plant from seed to maturity, including caring for and nurturing it. However, thousands of trees have been killed in just a few storms, making greening this area even more challenging.

PVCFC's sponsorship of 200 tons of high-quality fertilizer is especially significant in this context, as it ensures prompt delivery of materials and favorable conditions for rapid forest regeneration. The re-greening of the Spratly Islands is critical, since it contributes to improved battle readiness and the protection of the region's island system.

Outstanding PVCFC products, such as Urea Bio, NPK, Humate, and others, contain stable nutrient content, increase plant resistance, and are suitable for a wide range of soils, making them suitable not only for key crops for agricultural development, but also for ornamental plants, perennial plants, and even planting locations with the harshest climatic conditions.

Forever gratitude - responsibility

From here, PVCFC expands its sponsorship, sharing, and collaboration with the High Command of Coast Guard Region 4 to rebuild the ecological green and reestablish a beautiful portion of the country's landscape. Thousands of salt-tolerant coconut trees, almond trees, flowers, etc. will grow strong, rise up and flourish like the love of the army and people of the country.

200 tons of fertilizer donated by PVCFC is the "heart" of more than 1,000 employees of the Company to the soldiers of the High Command of Coast Guard Region 4, the army and the people of the island district of Truong Sa. All as one in the desire to regenerate, maintain the green color of the sea islands, enrich the beautiful landscape and fresh vitality here. And in a higher sense, it is the pride that attaches the responsibility of each Vietnamese citizen to the national sovereignty over the sea and islands” General Director Van Tien Thanh shared during the sponsoring meeting to Spratly islands.

PVCFC - a brand that has made its mark in the mission of nurturing. Stronger plants, greener flowers and leaves, more fertile soil and positive impacts on the environment, etc. Hundreds of thousands of bags of fertilizer have been distributed across the country to help people cope with extended droughts, saline intrusion, etc. And are now being delivered to the Spratly Islands.

Each step ensures that the values of PVCFC's exceptional fertilizer products are widely disseminated to difficult and harsh locations in need of assistance.

Source: Baomoi