I met Nguyen Van Tu in July 2020, when he led a team of talented workers of Ca Mau Petroleum Fertilizer Joint Stock Company (PVCFC) to receive the "National Youth Work Awards". My first impression of Tu was that he is an energetic, enthusiastic and close-knit young man. Currently, he is the Team Leader at the Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant Control Workshop.


Engineer Nguyen Van Tu

In 2011, after graduating from Vung Tau University, majoring in Electrical - Electronics, Nguyen Van Tu improved his knowledge of automation and joined Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant from 2012 to present

Nearly 9 years of working with the factory, going through many different positions, regardless of position, that young engineer also works with all his heart and completing the assigned tasks successfully. From a trainee engineer, with tireless efforts, Nguyen Van Tu now assumes the role of Team Leader at the Control Workshop, taking in charge of repairing and maintaining the factory's automatic fire alarm system, maintaining control systems (PLC) in the bagging area, Robot, Shiploader, Jumbo weighing...

Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant is considered to have the most advanced machinery system, the production line is operated by highly qualified engineers, skilled workers, more importantly, the factory is managed by leaders that have the "heart" and "vision". Working in such an environment is both an opportunity for a young engineer like Tu to brush up and improve his practical knowledge, as well as a challenge that forces him to always be in a better position.

Initiatives and ideas are one of many emulation movements taking place at the Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant. When employees have ideas, factory leaders will review and evaluate the feasibility to apply in practice. Therefore, the staff of Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant is very "skillful", constantly innovating, helping the plant reduce costs and increase production efficiency.

In addition to responding to the movement to promote ideas and initiatives launched by the factory, it is the incidents and problems arising in daily work that push engineer Tu to self-improve professionally, self-discovery to improve his skills.


Engineer Nguyen Van Tu participates in sports activities of the Company

Among the many initiatives that Nguyen Van Tu participates in, it is worth mentioning the initiative "Designing the operation and control interface of the mill system M07601A/B". This is a system installed entirely by a foreign Vendor, so the contractor does not hand over control programs, making it difficult for operation, troubleshooting, as well as replacing control devices. Mr. Tu and his colleagues actively searched for documents related to this system for reference and redesigned the operating interface to be more user-friendly and easier to use. The new design has mastered the system as well as proactively replaced the devices that are capable of causing problems, preventing unexpected problems from happening. As a result, the urea granulation system is not reduced in load, and the plant ensures production output. This initiative has been applied from 2019 up to now and is estimated to bring in a profit of 2.13 billion VND/year.

Nguyen Van Tu recalls one of his memories with Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant. In mid-July 2015, around midnight, there was a phone call that the factory was suddenly stopped. Aware that this is a particularly serious incident, the engineering team is assigned tasks, divided into specific groups to find the cause, and eliminate situations. The factory also considers the option of asking for support from outside units to handle the problem. Although everyone was very tired after spending a whole night up and working with high intensity, with sharp thinking and determination not to give up before challenges, Tu and colleagues found the root cause of failure of control system devices. Tu shared: “The problem was completely fixed at 15pm the following day, after nearly 17 hours. After handling the incident, I and all the brothers slept right on the floor of the central control room."