Ca Mau Petroleum Fertilizer Joint Stock Company (PVCFC,)’s supporting its employees has become a cultural identity. That journey still lasts long and emphasizes corporate responsibilities and heart. "Ca Mau Fertilizer - Sharing together" is one of such programs before the difficult situation of Covid-19.

Covid-19 epidemic has caused many losses to all aspects of socio-economic life. If the enterprise is burdened with great worries, the employees are also burdened with material and spiritual worries that are employees’ and their families’ daily costs, health and safety, unstable jobs, etc.

Photo: Get goods ready at the office

Understanding this problem right from the outbreak of Covid-19, PVCFC has implemented a series of meaningful programs and activities to support the employees to overcome difficulties, confidently fight the epidemic and be assured of effective work. Although the prolonged epidemic put pressure on production and business activities, PVCFC's Board of Directors still made efforts to maintain jobs and stable incomes for their employees, so that no one would have to face difficulties. On the other hand, PVCFC closely works with the Trade Union, the Youth Union to take care of all aspects of spiritual and material life, including relatives and families of employees living in the public housing area.

"Ca Mau Fertilizer - Sharing together" once again shows the leaders’ care for the members during the epidemic storm. More than 1,000 gifts include food and necessary necessities, wrapped with a hopeful heart for peace and stability with each employee. In conditions of limited travel, maintaining daily shopping activities becomes difficult. The gift is not too large, it is very practical to support the needy part, promptly encourage employees’ spirit to be more excited.

Photo: Deputy General Director Tran Chi Nguyen acts on behalf of the Leaders to give the company’s employees the gifts 

Occupational safety is the most important task at this time. PVCFC always provides a full range of medical equipment, tools and supplies for 5K as well as 3-On-site work to help the employees work safely. Tight from the outer, closely each element inside creates a double control loop. 25 Safety groups have been also established to evenly distribute departments to strengthen effective anti-epidemic control.

In particular, Ca Mau Fertilizer soon promptly vaccinate for all employees. After the 1st dose in July 2021, the employees have taken the 2nd dose to increase the protection level for themselves and the community.

Photo: Humanitarian trip

In addition to encouraging on-site health care and exercise during the quarantine period, the Company’s leaders paid attention to encouraging and supporting many "small-plan" movements such as "Happy Kitchen", "Beauty of Labor" movement", organizing forums, online seminars... to share positive inspirations, to spread the belief in life and striving for a good future.

Up to the present time, 100% of Ca Mau Fertilizer’s employees is safe, "healthy of mind" and works well with the Company to serve people and meet market needs. There is a locution that "gift value is not equal to the giving way", with all the heart and enthusiasm for employees throughout the growing journey, PVCFC is increasingly creating cohesion and unity to create a great strength. “Ca Mau Fertilizer – Sharing Together” will continue to spread the message of love and good humanity.