Taken place at Ho Chi Minh President Monument, the program extends the chain of social security activities in Ca Mau of Oil and Gas Group in the past time. Aiming at celebrating the 46th anniversary of the national reunification on April 30, the 10th anniversary of the completion of Ca Mau Gas - Power - Fertilizer project cluster. This project is carried out in U Minh, Thoi Binh and Ca Mau districts, PVN supported in the construction of 3 humnitarian houses, 30 gifts for veterans and funded for children to overcome difficulties and study well. Such action replaces the deep gratitude for the sacrifices and contributions of veterans for national independence. It is also the generations’ good tradition of giving back for good deeds.

During the past years, PVN has focused and devoted many contributions to social security activities and meaningful community care programs. Since PVN’s basing in Ca Mau to take the practical activities for this land: Giving houses of love, gratitude, great solidarity; Catching hundreds of spans connecting the two banks; Completing roads; New construction and repair of many schools, awarding scholarships; Coordinating organization of health check-ups, free medicine distribution…. More than VND 200 billion has been spent and this figure has been increased as a commitment to innovate with Ca Mau.