Joining the inauguration, there were Mr. Ngo Hung – Soc Trang Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee, Mr. Duong Sa Kha – Chief of the Vietnamese Fatherland Front, chairmen of many People’s Committees from different areas and teachers from Long Duc B Elementary School in Long Phu villiage, Soc Trang province.  As for the sponsor, there was an appearance of Mr. Tran Chi Nguyen – PVCFC Deputy General Manager.


Long Duc B Elementary School has 2 floors, 6 classrooms and 1 meeting room built on an area of 330 m2, including a multifunction area, a supporting section: fences; a parking space; rest rooms; an entry; a garden. PVCFC has covered the cost of 5 billion VND. A construction of this started at the end of 2019 and is expected to be used for the academic years 2020-2021.

For the past few years, PVCFC has become more attentive than ever towards the flourishing of education. Aside from a build-up of a bridge, making going to school less grueling; books and facilities given; yearly PVCFC grand scholarships; etc. this is the 37th school across the country that the corporation sponsored in an attempt to, together with local authorities, encourage great strides in the education of the Mekong Delta where innumerable hardships were constantly seen.


Lately, growers have been struggling with natural disasters, outbreaks of diseases, etc. This further fosters PVCFC’s empathy towards every single farmer. Above all, Soc Trang is the one bearing the severest  of soil salinity over the past few years, making its people’s conditions go from bad to worse. With such an enormous number of children in dire need of going to school, Long Duc B Elementary School followed the company’s efforts to offer a helping hand in overcoming the past soil salinity. On the day of inauguration, there were many people attending to celebrate, making the ceremony more meaningful than ever.

On such memorable occasion, PVCFC presented 20 scholarships, 500000 VND each to those with outstanding academic performances. This motivates not only students but also teachers to set their sights on a brighter future for Long Phu, Soc Trang.