The hardworking farmer could not find a new direction...

Mr. Tac's dream of a yield of 7 tons/ha was probably unattainable many years ago, because fertilization techniques and fertilizer selection were crude at the time, resulting in a high loss rate, a one-week effect of fertilizers, high cost, and low efficiency. Mr. Tac, like other farmers, worked tirelessly to develop effective solutions for improving rice yield. Even in his dreams, he hopes his crops will be more productive, he said. The situation in reality make him depressed.

"At the time, I had heard a lot about PVCFC's fertilizers, but I couldn't tell the difference between conventional fertilizers and N46.PLUS, so I was hesitant to use it. Because I did not know how to use it anyway” - he laughed when remembering such period.

… I happened to know PVCFC as a good blessing

While watching television, I accidentally heard an introduction about N46.PLUS, I then hurriedly went to the local engineer of PVCFC for advice and decided to use it in the last summer-autumn crop. Surprisingly, the crop's yield grew by half while also saving money on pesticides, I believe that PVCFC's fertilizers does not only kept the rice plants healthy, gave strong rice ears and a high yield, but also helped it withstand pests and diseases without spraying as much as in previous seasons.

bi kip bon phan giup tang nang suat lua
Photo: Mr. Nguyen Van Tac's rice field at Binh Duc 2 Hamlet, Binh Duc Ward, Long Xuyen City, An Giang Province

Mr. Tac smiled as he took a commemorative shot with the golden summer-autumn rice fields rustling in the breeze. "If only I had discovered PVCFC's fertilizers sooner," he said. "It is crucial to understand, trust, and choose the proper fertilizer products," he exclaimed when questioned about his experience in the process of seeking solutions to increase rice yield. Because good fertilizer will determine the strength of rice plants, resistance to pests and diseases, blossoming and seed germination”. Indeed, this year's crop reached 7 tons/ha with a total of nearly 30 tons of rice from a 4ha field. After deducting all expenditures, this crop's profit and productivity were significantly higher than the previous crop, but the costs of fertilizers, pesticides, and farming and fertilization efforts were also lowered.

Effective fertilization formula for valuable crops

Unlike many others, Mr. Tac very enthusiastically shares his fertilization formula with farmers far and near. In his opinion, a good product like PVCFC’s fertilizers needs to be widely disseminated throughout the community so that farmers can access and apply it earlier to help rice plants become more productive. Particularly, for rice varieties with a crop duration of 90-95 day/crop, I use 3 types of fertilizers including: N46.PLUS, DAP Ca Mau and NPK Ca Mau 16-16-8. The total amount of fertilizer for 1 ha of rice after sowing is 400 kg/ha/crop, divided into 4 fertilization stages. In the 1st stage, fertilize 110 kg about 8-10 days after sowing at the ratio 3:3:5 of N46.PLUS, DAP Ca Mau and Ca Mau NPK 16-16-8 respectively. In the 2nd stage, fertilize 130 kg about 20-22 days after sowing at the ratio 3:5:5 of N46.PLUS, DAP Ca Mau and Ca Mau NPK 16-16-8 respectively. In the 3rd stage, fertilize 130 kg about 40-42 days after sowing at the ratio 4:4:5 of N46.PLUS, DAP Ca Mau and Ca Mau NPK 16-16-8 respectively. In the last fertilization stage about 70-72 days after sowing, because the rice is about to enter the harvest stage, only add more Potassium (30 kg) if necessary and adjust the amount of fertilizer appropriately depending on each case.

When asked why he trusted and only used PVCFC’s products, Mr. Tac analyzed: “I considered very carefully before deciding to use it. I highly appreciate PVCFC’s products for their good solubility, low loss rate and strong yield at the conclusion of the crop. N46.PLUS, in particular, dissolves slowly, making it ideal for rice plants' absorption rate. The absorption span of plants is longer with just 1 application than with other fertilizers I've used previously."

The field laden with rice ears

bi kip bon phan giup tang nang suat lua
Photo: Mr. Tac’s rice field laden with rice ears

Mr. Tac said his most beautiful and unforgettable moment was when two PVCFC technicians came to his rice field to put up a banner that read "Demonstration model of PVCFC's fertilizers." He stated that he felt indescribably happy as an acknowledgment of the accomplishment attained after many years of relentless work. PVCFC's fertilizers are not only a solution for high-yield rice fields for Mr. Tac, but also a comprehensive and cost-effective nutritional solution for rice plants, allowing him to reap more and more fruits and achieve dreams he had never dared to dream before.

We admire Mr. Tac and are glad that he has discovered a brilliant solution to improving rice output with PVCFC's fertilizers by looking at the iridescent "Pearls of Golden Crops" in his rice fields and immediately listening to this kind farmer share practical tips. Hopefully, this generous farmer will always have abundant crops to spread happiness throughout the land.