Besides the change of seasons, heavy rain, and diseases, the stunting and shedding of chili peppers is due to the fact that farmers have not added enough or balanced nutrition for the plants. In particular, the lack of Bo is the main cause of flower and fruit drop, which people rarely think about.


When supplementing with Bo at the right concentration, chili plants will resist flower drop, flower burning, reduce young fruit drop, and keep leaves green and not curly. Bo also affects calcium absorption and utilization and regulates the K/Ca ratio in plants. Research results in the world and in the country have shown that when supplementing with Bo at a reasonable amount, it increases crop yield by 6-48%, improve quality and color of agricultural produces.

Besides Bo, people should use it in combination with Zn to help increase yield and quality of crops, Nitrogen helps plants stay healthy during growth and development, and Potassium supports energy metabolism, assimilation of nutrients.

N.Humate + TE Ca Mau contains up to 28% Protein, 5% Humic Acid, added 6% Organics, 1000 ppm Zinc; 400 ppm Bo and has a pH of 5, farmers can rest assured that this fertilizer meets the growing conditions of chili plants. Accordingly, N.Humate + TE Ca Mau supports fast and strong root development, increases nutrient absorption for regular flowering; reduce flower drop, young fruit drop or stunted chili fruit, or hollowed tree; This fertilizer is produced on modern technological lines, containing less impurities and is rich in nutrients, so it helps farmers save up to 30% of the amount of fertilizer compared other fertilizers. In addition, N.Humate + TE also helps farmers to reduce hardness when reusing the land in the next crop, because this is a biological fertilizer product containing beneficial organic substances for the soil, helping the soil to be loose and fertile.

It can be said that N.Humate + TE is the smart choice of farmers today, because it both helps chili plants to increase productivity, reduce flower and fruit drop, while saving costs and bringing high economic value.