Bio Urea


Nitrogen (N) : 46.3%
Bacillus microorganism:1,0x10^6 CFU/g
Biurét: 1,0% 
Moisture: 1.0%
  Providing Nitrogen for soil and tree

Supplementing beneficial microorganisms which helps to increase the metabolism of nutrients in the soil

Increasing resistance, limiting pests and diseases for plants

Suitable for all kind of trees

Product Information:

Good for soil – Strong for plant – Save the fertilizer – Increase the productivity

Bio Urea fertilizer products of Ca Mau Fertilizer are made from a mixture of Urea and Bacillus probiotic supplements to increase the metabolism of nutrients in the soil, increase resistance for plants against pests. Bio Urea has uniform round fertilizer particles, no impurities, well soluble in water and suitable for all crops.


  • Providing nitrogen for soil and plants.
  • Adding strains of microorganisms that are beneficial for the soil environment, which helps to increasing the metabolism of nutrients in the soil to improve soil emaciation and increase soil fertility.
  • Promote root system for its development, helps the plants to absorb more nutrient.
  • Increasing resistance for plants, limiting pests.
  • Increasing resistance for plants under alum, saline conditions and organic poisoning
  • Flourishing plants.
  • Increasing productivity and quality of agricultural products.

Net weight: 50kg, 40kg, 25kg

Expiry date: 24 months from the date of manufacture


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