The 4th wave in the 2nd year of Covid-19 pandemic has been putting workers' lives in front of countless difficulties. As a large body with a sense of responsibility and deep sympathy at Petrovietnam Ca Mau Fertilizer Joint Stock Company (PVCFC), the Company's Trade Union has promoted its role well, worked together with the Management to implement a series of programs to take care of the health and life of employees during the pandemic.

Prevention of Covid-19 pandemic at the main gate of Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant

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Workers in industrial parks, factories in general, and Ca Mau Fertilizer employees in particular have never faced such great pressure as today. The concentrated and closed working environment and conditions for a long time can easily cause many consequences. With the top goal of human safety associated with production efficiency, PVCFC's Trade Union, the representative organization of employees, has increasingly shown its responsibility.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the leadership, the trade union under the direction of the local government has promoted propaganda, guidance and implementation of the rules for disease prevention, health and immunity promotion in all employees. The trade union has disseminated knowledge about the pandemic to maintain an optimistic spirit, unanimously and persistently responded to achieve common results.

The operation team to follow the 3 on-site rule

In addition to urgent purchase of anti-epidemic materials, the Steering Committee for Covid-19 Control at the company in coordination with the trade union has paid special attention to supplementing necessary supplies for children groups who are children of the employees to ensure good living conditions, meet the children protection and safety requirements. For the forces working in the plant who have to be separated from their relatives and families, the Trade Union has provided material and essential support to encourage them to keep their mind on work and stay healthy.

The customer facing teams are fully provided with protective equipment, masks, and splash shields as well as appropriate policies. Employees are encouraged to well complete their tasks, ensure overall work efficiency in addition to ensuring their own and collective health and safety.

Above all, the trade union disseminates and motivates employees to improve their own health and resistance by on-site exercise and sports movements in quarantine areas. The trade union sponsors tools, funds as well as enthusiastically participates in a number of activities to increase the connection and spread inspiration for the team.

Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant employees to do physical exercise after working shifts

Since Ca Mau province’s imposition of social distancing according to Directive 16 because of the occurrence of infections, the daily life of the public housing area employees has been much affected. In anticipation of the difficulties of buying food and necessary necessities, the Trade Union actively supports the Minimart chain to sell goods at a 10% discount for employees, and goods is delivered in person to follow the 5K rule.

The trade union cooperates with the company's canteen to reduce lunch prices and diversify food groups to help people feel more secure in maintaining their daily lives. Up to now, hundreds of support rounds have been deployed by the Trade Union with a total cost of up to VND several billion, not including the company's expenses for disease prevention activities, on-site quarantine, etc.

The team unites to overcome the pandemic

Over the past 10 years, PVCFC's trade union has not only represented the voice and will of employees, but also strongly promoted its role of creating solidarity to bring the company to sustainable development. The trade union always sincerely listens, receives the thoughts and aspirations of the employees, promptly proposes support plans to each difficult situation so that no one is left behind.

Before the officially deployment of the 3 on-site rule by Ca Mau Fertilizer (working - eating/drinking - resting on site), the Committee has urgently prepared all necessary items to meet daily living, resting needs of hundreds of people. The items include hair cutting tools, blankets and pillows. The Committee has directed the logistics team in each nutritious meal for the employees, etc.

Faced with worries that work and income will be affected by the pandemic, the Board of Directors and Trade Union strive to ensure stable jobs, salaries and policies for the entire team despite the stressful business situation. They have also closely visited, sent letters of encouragement, motivated employees to feel secure in their work, unite to spread positivity to overcome the pandemic for soon family reunion.

Despite some experience in previous anti-epidemic waves, preparation for various response scenarios, PVCFC's leadership is always cautious and ready with the highest spirit.

Thanks to careful precautions, through observing the epidemic situation in other provinces and anticipating potential complicated developments to proactively plan, the whole company has not recorded any infections. The company has also soon deployed the 1st dose vaccination for all employees according to the provincial vaccination program and prepared for the upcoming 2nd dose.

“Better safe than sorry”, any serious preparation will pay off. Under the urgent, timely and strict leadership and direction of the Board of Directors, the Trade Union is leading PVCFC's people step by step to overcome the pandemic. One step ahead – Being effective has always been part of a good culture: pioneering, committing, breaking through to achieve new achievements to make Ca Mau Fertilizer's position today.

Phuong Anh