On February 28 in Ca Mau, the Trade Union of PetroVietnam Camau Fertilizer Joint Stock Company (PVCFC, Hose: DCM) successfully held the 3rd Congress of Trade Union Delegates of the Company for the 2023-2028 term. This is the Congress of PetroVietnam Trade Union (PetroVietnam Trade Union).
Attending the congress, the Ca Mau Provincial Labor Confederation consisted of Mr. Huynh Ut Muoi, Chairman of the Provincial Labor Confederation.

Representatives of the Party Committee of the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PetroVietnam) attending the meeting were Mr. Tran Quang Dung, Member of the Standing Board of the Party Committee, Head of the Department of Communication and Corporate Culture of the Group. PVN’s Trade Union consisted of Comrade Nghiem Thuy Lan, Member of the Executive Board of the Group's Party Committee, Chairman of PVN’s Trade Union; Vice Chairmen of PVN’s Trade Union: Nguyen Manh Kha, Vu Anh Tuan; together with the Professional Committees/Office of PVN’s Trade Union. Representatives and leaders of trade unions under PVN’s Trade Union.

On the side of the Party Committee, PVCFC's management included Mr. Van Tien Thanh, Secretary of the Party Committee, General Director of the Company; Mr. Nguyen Duc Hanh – Member of the Board of Directors, Chairman of the Company's Trade Union; and comrades in the Board of Directors, Board of Management, Supervisory Board, Youth Union, and Veterans Association of the Company.

The Congress was also attended by comrades who were former leaders of the Company, leaders of the Company's Trade Union through the periods. Especially, the presence of 150 delegates representing 1,377 PVCFC’s union members.

Overview of the Congress

The Congress heard reports from the Executive Board of PVCFC's Trade Union, including: Report summarizing the activities of the Executive Board of the 2nd Trade Union, 2018 - 2023 term and the direction and tasks of the Executive Board of the 3rd Trade Union, 2023-2028 term; Report on reviewing the activities of the Executive Board of the 2nd Trade Union, 2018-2023 term. Representatives of trade union groups, member trade unions, Trade Union of Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant contributed ideas to the Congress documents, programs and goals for the new term, especially the targets and contents presented in the report at the conference.

The report on operation results of PVCFC's Trade Union showed that PVCFC's 2018 - 2023 term faced many difficulties and challenges such as the global Covid-19 epidemic, difficulties in production and business, gas supply issues, sharp drops in fertilizer prices, etc. posing challenges and pressures on the unit.

However, under the leadership of the Board of Directors, the Executive Board of the Trade Union, PVCFC gradually overcame, affirmed the leading role with operating plans, production optimization improvements, continuous cost reduction. The spirit of solidarity and creativity in the whole political system helped PVCFC not only stand firm but also thrive in each difficult period.

Mrs. Nghiem Thuy Lan, Member of Executive Board of Vietnam General Confederation of Labor, Member of the Standing Committee of the Group's Party Committee, Chairwoman of PVN’s Trade Union, presented an excellent emulation flag to the 2nd Executive Board of PVCFC’s Trade Union, 2018 -2023 term.

The Company's Trade Union is proud to have made many important contributions, accompanied the Board of Directors in formulating business and production plans, effectively implementing unit development strategies. The trade union always ensured the best income and took good care of the health and spirit of employees even during the Covid-19 outbreak; focused and deepened dialogue sessions, improved facilities and working conditions; implemented and maintained gender equality, welfare policies for employees, maintained a fair, equal, promoting and fair working environment, etc. Women's affairs received attention through many meaningful activities, helping PVCFC women to become more confident and develop.

During the last term, the Trade Union has built a flexible operating model in line with the development trend of the society, formed sports and arts clubs, residential groups in the residential areas in order to promote the construction and development of resources according to 4 values: Physical - Intellectual - Mental - Emotional. The union has established 15 sports and arts clubs in the company. Through cultural and sports activities, the cohesion of employees is enhanced. Employees have a playground and a healthy living environment to listen and exchange their thoughts and aspirations fully, helping the cohesion in the whole PVCFC be unified effectively and timely.

At the same time, in order for PVCFC culture to come into the life of each employee, the Trade Union continues to propagate, innovate and, together with clubs and trade unions, pioneer in implementing activities and building movements based on four core values of “Pioneering - Responsibility - Kindness - Harmony”.

PVCFC’s 2nd Trade Union, 2018-2023 term received the logo and flowers of commendation and reward for outstanding achievements in building and developing corporate culture and effectively organizing the creative labor movement.

PVCFC's innovation movement in the 2018-2023 period has brought many important results. In particular, the Trade Union and the Board of Management launched many effective programs such as: Program “Innovation, creativity, efficiency” in 2022, Program “Eureka – creativity is unlimited”, Program “75 thousand initiatives to overcome difficulties and develop” and “01 million initiatives – efforts to overcome difficulties, be creative, determined to win the Covid-19 pandemic"... Scientific and technological initiatives and solutions have helped PVCFC diversify products, increase revenue due to the increase in capacity of Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant and effectively reduce costs through the application of innovation and improvement ideas.

Regarding the direction and tasks for the term 2023-2028, PVCFC's Trade Union continues to stick to the resolution of the Company's Party Committee in the period of 2020 - 2025, which is to develop the Company to become a leading enterprise in the region in the field of manufacturing and distributes fertilizers and agricultural chemicals. Accordingly, the overall goals for the 2023-2028 term set out by PVCFC's Trade Union are: “Building a strong organization, improving the quality of the staff; well perform the function of representing and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of employees; improve the quality of material, cultural and spiritual life for union members; actively participate in building a clean and strong Party and government to contribute to the successful implementation of the set tasks, for the stable and lasting development of PVCFC.

Speaking at the Congress, Mr. Van Tien Thanh - Secretary of the Party Committee, General Director of PVCFC shared, the Company's Trade Union is always the nucleus representing the interests of employees, joining hands with the Company to take good care of the material and spiritual life of employees. He reviewed and highly appreciated key features and highlights in the activities of the Company's Trade Union in the past term such as: Organize emulation movements on technical innovation initiatives; sports, cultural and artistic movements; contribute to building corporate culture; accompanying the Company in social security work; The trade union's safety and hygiene team makes a very active contribution, creating a safe, green, clean and beautiful working environment, ensuring the health of everyone;...

The Executive Board of the third Trade Union of PetroVietnam Camau Fertilizer Joint Stock Company for the 2023 - 2028 term launched the congress.

Mr. Van Tien Thanh expressed his pride and respect for the positive and effective contributions of the Company's Trade Union. With the forecast of many difficulties and challenges for PVCFC in the coming time, he suggested that the Trade Union continue to change, adjust and expand activities to perform well their roles and responsibilities, together with the Company find innovative solutions, accompany with the common goal of the Company, contribute to the sustainable development of PVCFC.

Speaking to direct the Congress, Comrade Nghiem Thuy Lan highly appreciated the preparation of the Congress and agreed with the report of the Executive Board of PVCFC’s Trade Union at the Congress. He acknowledged, praised and highly appreciated the operation results and outstanding achievements of PVCFC’s Trade Union in the 2018-2023 term. In which, PVCFC’s 2nd Trade Union has fulfilled the role of the Trade Union well with many good and creative models in its activities; adopted policies to take good care of the material and spiritual life of employees; the construction of effective corporate culture; well organized cultural, physical training and sports movements; The organization of creative labor emulation was also a bright spot of the trade union activities in the last term, etc.

In the coming time, in the face of forecasts of many difficulties and challenges affecting PVCFC's production and business activities, Comrade Nghiem Thuy Lan suggested that PVCFC's Trade Union make more efforts and overcome limitations to accompany PVCFC with expertise, accomplishing the set goals and plans.

In particular, the Chairman of PVN’s Trade Union emphasized a number of contents: continue to implement more effectively the movement on promoting technical innovation initiatives to reduce costs and increase PVCFC's competitiveness; better promote the role of taking care of the material and spiritual life of employees; implementing meaningful membership benefits programs; continue to innovate the trade union operation method; strengthen the fostering and training of trade union staff;...

The PVCFC’s 3rd Trade Union Congress for the 2023-2028 term was a great success.

With the enthusiasm and high sense of responsibility of the Executive Board of the new term and the efforts and support of PVCFC's trade union members, Comrade Nghiem Thuy Lan believed that the Company's Trade Union activities would be more successful, achieve higher achievements and contribute more to the activities of the Company, the Industry Union.

The Congress elected the Executive Board of PVCFC’s 3rd Trade Union for the 2023-2028 term, including 15 comrades. After the 1st Executive Board Congress, the Executive Board elected a Standing Committee consisting of 5 comrades and elected a new Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Trade Union. Accordingly, Mr. Nguyen Duc Hanh continued to be re-elected to hold the position of Chairman of PVCFC’s 3rd Trade Union; The two Vice Chairmen of the Company's Trade Union were Mr. Nguyen Van Son - Deputy Director of Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant and Mr. Nguyen Anh Truc - Vice Chairman of the Trade Union, cum Chairman of the Inspection Committee. 

Speaking when accepting the task, Mr. Nguyen Duc Hanh, on behalf of the Executive Board of the Trade Union of the Company for the 2023 - 2028 term, sincerely thanked for the trust, promised to unite, strive to well complete the task and successfully implement the resolution proposed by the Congress, lead PVCFC's trade union movements to further develop, become practical for employees, suitable for the characteristics of the unit and as a bridge between the Company's leadership and employees.