The 2022 Agricultural Startup and Innovation Contest was officially launched on April 8 in Ho Chi Minh City. This is one of the projects under the Social Security Program, which is officially supported by Petro Vietnam Ca Mau Fertilizer JSC. (PVCFC, Hose: DCM) in collaboration with the Business Studies & Assistance Center (BSA) and the Foundation of Youth Empowerment (FYE) to support, connect, promote, and create an ecosystem, a solid foundation to assist start-ups.

Currently, the Startup program has been deployed in more than 50 provinces and cities with more than 350 training classes, more than 27,000 participant turns, 37 forums and seminars with nearly 9,000 participant turns, more than 260 fairs, exhibits, trade promotion with more than 7,500 startup turns.

Because the pandemic shows no signs of abating, numerous issues are anticipated to persist in 2022. Many start-up projects, on the other hand, have been sharp and have taken advantage of local resources to grow, process, and create more innovative products with health-care attributes, contributing to the value of the Vietnamese agricultural product chain.

The 2022 Startup Contest will be implemented from February 7, 2022 until September 20, 2022, the 2022 Startup Contest will be held in three rounds: The Organization board will review the registration materials in the first round and pick the project that will compete in the Semifinals and Finals. The Organization board will select the first, second, third, consolation, and additional prizes with a total cash value of VND 420 million at the final round in September 2022. 

As the main companion of the 2022 Startup Project Contest 2022, PVCFC wishes to find and discover current start-up projects that are innovative, practical, effective, valuable and potential for development to rise up, stand firmly in the market, attract investment and thus contribute to domestic and international trade promotion.

Together with the 2022 Agricultural Startup project, the social security program of PVCFC in 2022 continues to coordinate with departments and units to: build great solidarity houses, rural traffic works, programs aimed at education, gratitude, natural disaster recovery, humanitarian relief and other activities.

PVCFC continues to expand the story of "Pearl of Golden Crops" when successfully completing a set of nutritional solutions for plants with outstanding product lines such as NPK, organic, color nitrogen (N46.Plus, Urea Bio, etc.) to provide a variety of fertilizers for food crops, fruit trees, and industrial plants as one of the national brands pioneering in the field of fertilizers with the key products of Ca Mau NPK. 

The brand “Ca Mau Fertilizer - Pearl of Golden Crops” with its mission of “nurturer” of plants will share difficulties with farmers. In parallel with production and business activities in 2022, PVCFC will implement a series of programs to share with farmers in the face of high fertilizer prices, such as: The program “Ca Mau Fertilizer - Sharing Together” with a total value of over VND 18 billion; program “I choose NPK Ca Mau”; the program “Welcome Winter - Spring Crops –Bring Good Luck & Fortune”, demonstration models on economical use of fertilizers and the program “Golden Crop of Big Prizes” with total prizes of over VND 17 billion, etc. 

PVCFC has implemented numerous programs and activities in the spirit of companionship and sharing since its founding. The companionship and support of the 2022 Agricultural Startup Project, as well as other humanitarian activities, have confirmed PVCFC's brand value in terms of products and interest in serving the community, locals, and society over the past 11 years, and continuous development in the future. PVCFC-implemented programs have spread thousands of golden crops, assisting in crop efficiency optimization, improving living standards, and contributing to the country's agriculture's solid foundation.