In Hanoi, the Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association Vietnam has just held the 2021 Vietnam Gold Star Award ceremony themed “Light of the Future”. The brand “Ca Mau Fertilizer - Pearls of Golden Crops” of PetroVietnam Ca Mau Fertilizer Joint Stock Company (PVCFC, Hose: DCM) was honored to be in the Top 100 brands that won the Vietnam Gold Star Award in 2021. This is the fourth time PVCFC has won this prestigious award.

PVCFC – The leading brand

Pre-qualification, appraisal, and final selection were the three rounds of rigorous and scientific voting for the Vietnam Gold Star Award in 2021. The Award voting panel nominated the 200 most representative brands for the Vietnam Gold Star Award 2021 after a thorough selection process.

PVCFC was commended for its strong business and innovation indexes, as well as its use of digital technologies in corporate administration and governance. Particularly, despite the obstacles and constraints of Covid-19, PVCFC's breakthrough growth in production and business allowed it gain recognition in the Top 100 Vietnam Gold Star Enterprises.

In 2021, PVCFC achieved the highest revenue and profit during its 10-year operation journey with a total revenue of over VND 10,000 billion, equivalent to 110% of the plan; pre-tax profit of over VND 1,900 billion, equivalent to 210% of the plan; profit after tax of over VND 1,800 billion.

Faced with an unstable fertilizer supply due to pandemic complications in many countries, which has pushed up selling prices, PVCFC has maintained stable and safe operation of Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant with a capacity of 110%; production output of nearly 900 thousand tons of urea equivalent; consumption output of over 1 million tons. PVCFC timely and quickly responded to crop peak demand for the traditional markets of the Southwest, Southeast and Central Highlands, Cambodia, etc. and continues to work with farmers to help them cultivate and produce high yield and value agricultural products.

PVCFC also accomplished a number of new leading milestones in 2021, with the company's stock price reaching VND 41,200 for the first time and a market capitalization of USD 1 billion. PVCFC has demonstrated its stability and tenacity in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic in a great endeavor under the new normal business conditions.

PVCFC has been recognized for a number of cutting-edge scientific and technological projects.

PVCFC effectively reduced costs in 2021, helping to bring about optimal profits, up by 40% compared to the plan and up by 55% compared to 2020, thanks to reasonable and transparent investment and application of scientific and technological advances to business activities; for the first time, PVCFC completed the overall maintenance meeting the quality and schedule requirements without any foreign experts.

All 03 PVCFC projects nominated for this award were recognized in the list recently at a meeting of the Judging Panel and members of the Organization board of the Vietnam Science and Technology Innovation Awards. Two projects were awarded the Third Prize, while one was awarded the Consolation Prize.

The brand story of “Ca Mau Fertilizer - Pearls of Golden Crops” is conveyed more widely and deeply about the mission to bring “thousands of golden crops” of value to Vietnam's agriculture thanks to the set of Ca Mau Fertilizer products with the quality of colorful “pearls”. For the fourth time, PVCFC has been trusted and voted for the Top 100 Vietnam Gold Star Award, demonstrating that it is deserving of its position, prestige, and trust from domestic and international partners and consumers for actively contributing to the country's innovation, integration, and economic development.