PetroVietnam Ca Mau Fertilizer Joint Stock Company (PVCFC) officially starts the program "Golden Crop of Great Prizes"| with a total program value of VND 17 billion to enable farmers gain more experience with Ca Mau NPK products and the chance to win big prizes.

Meaningful program - Big Prizes

The contest will run countrywide from now until the end of December 15, 2022, with a total of 1702 prizes available, including 888 tenths of tael SJC 999.9 gold and 888 Samsung Galaxy phones. This is an opportunity for farmers to experience NPK Ca Mau's high-quality products while also winning great prizes, farmers should not ignore. "Golden Crop of Big Prizes," one of PVCFC's most meaningful promotions in 2022, with a transparent way to decide the winners through 08 livestreams held continuously every month.

Farmers have the opportunity to win a lucky voucher in the fertilizer bag when they purchase Ca Mau NPK products. Specifically, people can enter the lucky draw program by following the instructions given on the face of the lucky voucher in order to win gold SJC 999.9 and Samsung Galaxy phones.

Photo: The program "Golden Crop of Big Prizes" organized by PVCFC takes place from now until the end of December 15, 2022.

The program “Golden Crop of Big Prizes” officially kicks off at the beginning of the summer-autumn crop 2022 and continues until the peak of the next Winter-Spring crop. PVCFC hopes this is not only a common promotion, but also an opportunity to assist farmers in overcoming some of the challenges they have in the farming process, restoring production, and limiting the effects of Covid-19 in the past.

The products applied in the program are NPK Ca Mau. This is a high-quality product line researched and produced by PVCFC with advanced technology, trusted by millions of farmers for its outstanding properties. All materials containing nutrients (N, P, K and other intermediates and microelements, etc.) in the production process are uniformly mixed in the molten Urea solution, forming a homogenous fertilizer pellet with a complete range of nutrients for the soil and plants. As a result, Ca Mau NPK is regarded as a cost-effective agricultural farming solution that boosts crop output.

The leading fertilizer brand

“Golden Crop of Big Prizes” is the continuation of a series of programs organized by PVCFC aimed at assisting the country's agriculture and helping farmers.

In 2021 alone, PVCFC has continuously organized a series of attractive and meaningful programs with large budgets such as: “Supporting farmers - Together Overcoming Difficulties”, “I Choose Ca Mau NPK”, “Welcome Winter - Spring Crops – Bring Good Luck & Fortune”, “PVCFC - Sharing Together”, etc. with valuable prizes to help farmers stabilize their lives, cultivate in peace of mind, and overcome difficult times in the context of agriculture being severely affected by diseases and other factors.

As a role in ensuring food security and serving sustainable agriculture, PVCFC has accomplished its aim of providing food security and supporting sustainable agriculture. On the one hand, PVCFC ceaselessly strives to improve product quality in order to perfect a comprehensive set of plant nutritional solutions; on the other hand, PVCFC closely consults on agricultural knowledge - fertilization techniques from direct to online; and organizes demonstration models to supplement modern farming information to locals, etc. On the other hand, PVCFC actively expands its distribution system to all regions, employing digital technology in both production and consumption to raise product value.

The desire for sustainable service is the driving force for PVCFC to deploy more meaningful programs for farmers to join hands in Vietnamese agriculture development. The Program “Golden Crop of Big Prizes” will definitely be PVCFC’s key program of the year for its companions.