On April 20, 2023 in Hanoi, the Vietnam Institute of Directors (VIOD) solemnly held the 5th Anniversary Celebration. Accompanying VIOD, PetroVietnam Camau Fertilizer Joint Stock Company (PVCFC, Hose: DCM) affirms that the company always raises awareness, contributes to promoting the implementation of standards and best practices in Corporate Governance (CG) and together with Vietnamese enterprises establish a sustainable development network.

Mr. Tran Ngoc Nguyen - Chairman of the Board of Directors (BOD), representing PVCFC to attend the VIOD Celebration in 2023 with the theme "Building Better Values". During the 12-year journey of establishment and development, PVCFC's leadership is committed to implementing CG in accordance with international standards and practices, and at the same time improving the ranking position of enterprises in corporate governance assessment programs.

The board's role is crucial in understanding what to do, building mechanisms for good governance, and regularly put them in place from routine processes to major reforms. Good governance will create a sustainable development, thereby creating a lot of new opportunities, freeing up capital. In the context that many businesses are worried about lack of capital, high capital costs, which can lead to a situation where business owners have to "sell themselves". Lack of capital is currently a huge challenge in investment and development of enterprises.

Mr. Tran Ngoc Nguyen - Chairman of the Board of Directors (BOD), representing PVCFC to attend the VIOD Celebration in 2023 with the theme "Building Better Values".

However, there will still be opportunities for businesses with good governance. Now, PVCFC's leadership together with VIOD apply creative thinking to choose a wise strategy, which is to use precious time, urgently invest in good governance. Specific programs and actions for fundamental change in governance are now important strategies necessary to provide capital solutions and take advantage of large accumulation opportunities for a sustainable development in the future.

PVCFC is also implementing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) in order to maintain sustainable production and business activities, ensure prestige and enhance the brand name of PVCFC. This process brings more opportunities from financial benefits such as expanding opportunities to attract investment capital or long-term economic values in terms of maintaining sustainable production and business, ensuring the reputation of the company and enhancing brand value. The Board of Directors and the Leadership of the Company are currently considering and orienting to apply ESG criteria at PVCFC in the coming time such as: documentation, goal sharing, implementation methods to the staff according to international criteria, systems, and standards, etc.

Accompanying VIOD and other meaningful activities, the Board of Directors of PVCFC made major commitments on good governance, building specific mechanisms and action plans. The "Nurturer" journey affirms the determination of "Constant Effort - Change and Development" to join hands to create a more sustainable and prosperous agricultural industry.