Impressive figures

There were head of the Administrative Council, Mr. Tran Ngoc Nguyen, the General Manager, Mr. Van Tien Thanh, other members of the Administrative Council, the Executive Board, heads of operational boards, head of the company union and over 500 representatives of over 900 PVCFC’s workers

Delivering a report in the conference, Mr. Thanh stated that in the year 2020, the plant was successful in sustaining a wattage of 110% and, for the very first time over the last 9 years, the company had produced 928,49 thousand tons of urea, reaching 104% and finishing 14 days earlier than expected.

On 13th September, 2020, the plant has obtained a productivity of 7 million products. Concerning the business, a consumption of urea stood at 930,65 thousand tons, completing 107% of the plan and observed with a rise of 16% compared to that same period of 2019. Proprietary trading products, new arrivals and by-products also experienced a promising trend with 1.135,42 thousand tons sold. The figure for exports reached nearly 300 thousand tons, in which Cambodia saw an increase of 32% in comparison with 2019 and there appeared a tendency to expand onto other markets such as Thailand, Myanmar, India, Brazil, etc.

As for revenues, taking advantages of low gas prices, Camau fertilizers provider has succeeded in cutting down on the prices. This was combined with high-quality products and generated 7.256 billion VND, completing 106% of the proposed plan, higher than 2019. A profit was estimated to be 657,31 billion VND before taxed, 29% higher than 2020 target and 43% higher than that of the previous year.

2020 is the year when the company proceeded with its successive cost cut-down with 91,3 billion VND, reaching 102% compared to the target. It submitted the national budget in due course, fulfilling its responsibility as an entrepreneur. Generally, important financial aims delegated by the corporation were accomplished. This is such an impetus for PVCFC to start 2020 alive and kicking.

A year of phenomenal persistency, never grinding to a halt

Aside from a number of benefits presented by the government and PetroVietnam, courage and solidarity play a pivotal role in PVCFC’s success. Specifically, despite daunting challenges posed by mother nature and the market, the leaders were persevered enough not to discontinue setting sights on the targets. Apart from that, they appeared more resourceful than ever in confrontation with hard times. Staying composed was a key to lead the team through even the most tempestuous storm.

For the very first time, the engineering crew has managed to maintain over 1.813 sectors of the plant without any assistance from any foreign experts, marking a ferocious growth and a complete control over novel technology. Several slips were fixed, guaranteeing a stable operation and a maximum wattage of 110%. Encountering such unpredictability of the COVID-19 and soil salinity, the heads of PVCFC are flexibly refining the financing plans, assuring merits for farmers, customers, collaborators and its own crew.

The company always tries to heighten the living standard workers and laborers. Campaigns on sports, creativity are launched and propelled forward, creating a lively atmosphere for the whole team. Optimism, enthusiasm and solidarity contribute immeasurable super power.

2020 has put many businesses under pressure, offering them chances to sharpen themselves. Without due bravery, one could barely remain alive after swirling waves of hurdles. Treasuring a mission to elevate Vietnamese agriculture, great compassion for the public, the corporation has made every attempt to set off on a quest for properity, continuing to prove its complete expertise in the field and making huge contributions to the society.

Top 10 World most energy-efficient plants is a title to be granted after PVCFC has been working hard for years on end. Moving towards 2021, every single one in the corporation has their heart set on numerous new achievements, devoting to the development of the national agrarian industry.

During the meeting, Mr. Thanh implied that 2021 will be another unpromising year. This means PVCFC will need to operate its plant efficiently, safely and stably; NPK sector will need to function and be exploited effectively, coming up to the markets’ demand, especially the Southwest area; Designing a new financing structure will prove needed to increase values and production effectiveness of the business; Improvement on the management system will be necessary for a boost in competitiveness and the company’s value on the market; Attracting investors will never be peripheral; A comprehensive computerization of operational processes should be obtained, also analysis and forecasting call for a build-up of a communal database; Developmental proposals towards 2025 should be launched and shaping the road towards 2035 to ever-changing situations is advised; the company’s tradition and spirit should be embraced and enhanced.

On the year-end party, PVCFC has held a ceremony to single out either groups or individuals that have contributed remarkably to the company’s attainment within 2020.

With “Passion spreads – success sheds” as a title, the event’s ceremonials, yet coziness were a testimony for the leaders’ acknowledgement towards every worker’s blood, sweat and tears, their undying spirits no matter how grueling their tasks get.