With the desire to introduce high-quality NPK products to a large number of farmers and to maximize the benefits of farmers, this year PetroVietnam Camau Fertilizer Joint Stock Company (PVCFC, HOSE: DCM) continues to deploy the promotion program for Prosperous Golden Seasons with a total value of up to VND 25 billion. Accordingly, when buying Ca Mau NPK, farmers have the opportunity to win thousands of impressive prizes, including valuable recharge cards and many attractive 99.99 gold maces. The program is valid from March 15, 2023 to February 28, 2024.

Program for Prosperous Golden Seasons 2023

Following the success of the Program for Prosperous Golden Seasons 2022, this year's program with great prize value, the number of prizes much larger than the previous year, longer duration and simple participation rules is convenient for people all over the country to easily participate and win big prizes. 

In the context of unpredictable climate, volatile agricultural product prices, and many difficulties in agricultural cultivation, PVCFC's promotion program helps to relieve anxiety significantly. Farmers can both use good fertilizer at a low cost but still achieve the desired crop yield, and the improved quality of agricultural products to increase the purchase value of the products. In addition to guaranteed profits, farmers also have the opportunity to own countless valuable gifts such as 80,000 mobile phone scratch cards up to VND 500,000 and 1,344 one-mace 99.99 gold rings.

For many years, Ca Mau NPK has been known and warmly received by its high quality, reasonable price and efficiency for crops. The Europe’s most modern liquid urea technology helps nutrients to be liquefied – mixed – heated evenly in each fertilizer particle. Ca Mau NPK is easily dissolvable in water, highly absorbable to plants without complicated mixing, so it helps save farming effort for farmers. In addition, the stable nutrient content helps plants grow healthy, improve yields, bring stable values for many crops in line with the orientation of sustainable agricultural development.

To participate in the program for Prosperous Golden Seasons 2023, people just need to buy Ca Mau NPK at local PVCFC agents. People find lucky coupons containing lucky codes in Ca Mau NPK bags, follow the instructions printed on the coupons to participate in the Lucky Draw and win valuable prizes. Every month, PVCFC will livestream lucky draws and perform live broadcasts to a large number of people to find out the winner. This promises to be an attractive series of activities, not only contributing to the joy of winning prizes for people, but also helping to spread the spirit of a brand that always accompanies and shares.

In particular, the lucky codes that have not won prizes will be reserved and used for the next Lucky Draw. Therefore, the more people use Ca Mau NPK, the more chances they have of winning prizes throughout the program.

PVCFC presented awards of the program for Prosperous Golden Seasons 2022

After the resounding success in 2022, the promotion program for “Prosperous Golden Seasons” applied to Ca Mau NPK products in 2023 is expected to bring positive values to millions of farmers and distribution agents. Farmers are happy with the joy of 3 wins: Bumper crop - Good price - Gift with PVCFC to connect and accompany to spread the value of sustainable farming.