The peak period of production and business in the second quarter faced with the risk of a complicated Covid-19 outbreak, PetroVietnam Ca Mau Fertilizer Joint Stock Company (PVCFC, HOSE: DCM) has taken more urgent and radical measures to both ensure the completion of the planned objectives and control the disease effectively and safely.

Despite some experience learned from previous pandemic prevention and control, with the unpredictable complicated increase of the 4th wave of Covid, the strategy given by the Board of Directors for this period follows the principle "many rounds, many layers" in order to be able to strictly control, promptly prevent and minimize the risks. The health of employees must be ensured as well as maintaining safe and regular business activities to meet the demand for fertilizer consumption, which is at the peak of the summer-autumn crop.

Thereby, following the direction of PVN Group given to all member companies, PVCFC thoroughly grasped the synchronous implementation of measures with the highest determination in a detailed and clear manner. Strictly adhere to “5K” rule (in Vietnamese): Khau trang (facemask) - Khu khuan (disinfection) - Khoang cach (distance) - Khong tu tap (no gathering) – Khai bao y te (health declaration).” Reviewing employees who take leave before, during and after the long holiday, as well as the travel schedule of relatives from high-risk areas... Minimize leave for employees in order to block the spread of infection due to inter-regional movement. Review and prepare plans - multi-level scenarios at different levels, and other necessary medical equipment to actively cope with the pandemic. 

Regularly observe and update the pandemic situation from official information channels. Depending on the urgency, proactively allow the employees to work from home, meeting online, or working by email, by phone. Consolidate and promote the effectiveness of administrative and operating software and applications to control the system remotely.

At the factories and Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant, due to the need for labour force to ensure day and night production activities, with many people constantly coming in and out, epidemic prevention measures must be implemented even more strictly. In addition to the general regulations, employees must absolutely keep a minimum distance of 2m, wear a face mask - measure body temperature regularly, disinfect on shuttles, canteens, delivery departments, and when interacting with customers and partners...

In the spirit of protecting oneself and the community, each member of Ca Mau Fertilizer showed their collective determination to cope with Covid, responding to policies and all recommendations from the government, the Ministry of Health and local departments. The complicated outbreak is a great challenge, but it also creates the opportunity for the staff to work together, innovate, and think flexibly to make the system work effectively in the new situation.

Right after the effectiveness of the first quarter, PVCFC continued to maintain steady production capacity to proactively supply fertilizer for the peak summer-autumn crop of 2021. Therefore, in the pandemic situation, the Board of Management was calm and focused on operating the apparatus and simultaneously responding to the safe fight against the epidemic.