In the 6-year journey of corporate culture (CC) recreation and development, PetroVietnam Camau Fertilizer Joint Stock Company (PVCFC, Hose: DCM) has gone through a transition period from background culture to identity culture. "How to promote corporate culture effectively in governance" is an important content cared by the Leadership to guide specific implementation in the coming time.

On the morning of April 4, 2023, PVCFC collaborated with Pace Business School to conduct a seminar with the topic "How to promote effective corporate culture in governance" to discuss and give specific directions in implementation.

Overview of the seminar

The seminar was chaired by the delegation including 02 experts from Pace Business School: Mr. Vu Duc Tri The, Mr. Nguyen Vu Duy Tuan and 02 leaders of PVCFC: Mr. Tran Ngoc Nguyen - Chairman of the Board of Directors and Mr. Van Tien Thanh - Member of the Board of Directors - General Director of the Company, jointly chaired. The seminar was attended by members of the Board of Directors, Supervisory Board, Board of Management, leaders of departments, units, workshops, representatives of Petroleum Packaging JSC Company, Minimart, trade unions, youth unions, Company experts, corporate culture teams and more than 200 officers and employees at PVCFC.

Charing team

PVCFC’s Cultural Journey

Corporate culture is an intangible asset, contributing to great strength for businesses. This is a unique feature of each business. In order to compete, competitors can copy strategies, products, processes to technological know-how, etc. but cannot copy the cultural and spiritual values of the enterprise. Therefore, building corporate culture is a journey that makes the difference of PVCFC.

PVCFC's leadership has made an innovation in thinking about its development strategy by implementing the project on Reinventing PVCFC corporate culture. In 2016, with advice from Pace Business School, PVCFC officially started its own cultural re-creation journey.

Mr. Van Tien Thanh - General Director of PVCFC summarized and directed at the seminar.

That journey is a successful inheritance of PVCFC's distinctive cultural features from the early days of its establishment, and the identification and reproduction of other existing values to form the Identity Culture of PVCFC.

In the early years, PVCFC focused on strengthening the foundation culture with the focus on human factors, based on Programs such as "7 Effective Habits", "Life Management" and "Leading at the Speed of Faith". 

The program "7 Effective Habits” is one of the highlights in building corporate culture at PVCFC, contributing to creating positive changes from physical to thinking and behavior of employees. 

At PVCFC, employees are encouraged to innovate continuously and balance on four aspects "Physical - Intellectual - Mental - Emotional".  After building a solid foundation culture, PVCFC continues its journey by shaping and perfecting its own Culture of Identity.

Promoting effective corporate culture in governance
Up to now, PVCFC is in reliance on the Culture of Identity, the vision of "Becoming the leading enterprise in the region in the field of fertilizer production and distribution", the mission of "Contributing to ensuring the supply of fertilizers and food safety by pioneering in providing nutritional solutions for plants” and 04 core values of: “Pioneering - Responsibility - Kindness - Harmony”. This is considered a "specialty" to distinguish PVCFC from any other enterprise. 

Representatives of PVCFC employees shared at the seminar

In the seminar under the leadership of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Director, speakers of Pace Business School, individuals and representatives from organizations and unions of PVCFC shared stories that happened in the process of accompanying on the journey of recreating, building and developing PVCFC culture. Entities directly tell the story of improvement from health, culture, production and business development thanks to the values brought by PVCFC culture, along with recommendations and contributions for corporate culture at PVCFC to be more effective and successful.

Leadership inspires and motivates employees to follow, thereby spreading to the community. Building a culture at PVCFC has created a value chain that brings many "sweet fruits” to each employee, customer, and farmer.

Corporate culture is an intangible asset, contributing to the great strength of PVCFC

At the end of the seminar, Mr. Van Tien Thanh - General Director of PVCFC affirmed that PVCFC’s culture is a positive factor supporting the Company's development strategy. At PVCFC, people are the next focus of culture development. Each employee completes, creates breakthroughs. This is the glue that creates corporate culture. PVCFC promotes the development of core values in order to turn them into internal competitive advantages to overcome difficulties and challenges of the market and develop sustainably with the mission chosen by PVCFC.

The General Director called for the cooperation of socio-political organizations: trade unions, youth unions, veterans associations, etc. to take care of the employees, jointly build and develop the core value system for the sustainable development of the Company. The departments/units together with the leadership implement activities to live with the culture and identity at the unit, apply PVCFC's core values to daily activities as a guideline in all behaviors and production and business activities of the Company.