Covid-19 has overturned all plans and pushed many enterprises into the abyss of bankruptcy. The future is unpredictable but that does not mean that enterprises fail to strive, boldly confront with all resources to save and maintain optimal production and business activities as possible.

Considered as one of the "hot" environments with a high risk of infection, Petrovietnam Ca Mau Fertilizer Joint Stock Company (PVCFC) as well as many other manufacturing enterprises must implement the "3 on-site” rule to ensure dual goals: stable and resistant to the epidemic.

Prevention of Covid-19 pandemic at the main gate of Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant

It’s not easy to organize working - eating/drinking - resting on site for hundreds of people, let alone in a situation where pathogens like "hidden in the dark” can suddenly attack at any time. But above all, the mind and responsibility from the Leadership combined with the consciousness of each member has created great strength that has never been promoted as strongly as now.

Since the outbreak of the disease, PVCFC's staff have always been proactive in the "new state". Even when the epidemic has subsided and everything is about to return to normal, the Company still maintains a high spirit of "vigilance". Be thoroughly careful in organizing activities, upholding medical recommendations. Employees are reminded to comply with preventive measures, the 5K message, declare movement if in doubt, etc. During the past 2 years, the Leadership has always operated in a proactive attitude, prepared plans, and closely followed the situation and flexibly responded.

Establishment of a quarantine area inside Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant

In April 2021, 13 provinces in the Southwest region faced the risk of disease outbreak. When the situation in Ca Mau has not been raised to an alarming level, PVCFC's Leadership has prepared a scenario to be able to preserve the achievement of maintaining the green zone over the past time. Based on previous experience and through monitoring the situation in the country, risk assessment, the plan is close, ready for new challenges.

It can be said that the evolution of Covid-19 and the complicated virus variants challenge any plans and schemes. But above all, the whole country is trying its best. Ca Mau Fertilizer, a member of that community strength, is also trying its best. As a steadfast and responsible leader, the organization is on the right track and glad that everyone is now working in good health and mind.

Meal preparation at Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant

How to make the "3 on-site” not become a risk of disease outbreak? Under the guidance of local authorities, the Company has soon established a double protection corridor. Tight control of the outer corridor enhances inner prevention. The team is quarantined before the 5K message in all cases where it is necessary to exchange expertise, import and export goods. The kitchen is located on the premises and all activities - work are a closed and safe loop. More than 1,000 PVCFC employees have also been received the 1st dose of vaccine and more than 80% of the employees have received the 2nd dose.

Obviously, the success of green zone protection - steady production achieved by PVCFC comes from the two combined resources. Besides the mind and leadership, the ability to equip the company's facilities, the consciousness of each employee is an extremely important factor. They are responsible and disciplined, compliant and united. They are really the "main actors" of the overall victory situation.

Health training to meet work requirements during the quarantine period at the Plant

No one can predict the future, but realize that all efforts will pay off. The proof is that PVCFC members and their relatives are still safe and healthy, working hard and spreading a positive spirit with the belief that the epidemic will be soon successfully overcome in one day.

When peace returns, the atmosphere at Ca Mau Fertilizer will return to a friendly atmosphere. Everyone considers the Company as their home, and colleagues as close relatives. That is part of the good culture that the company has built since the early days of its establishment. Leaders know how to listen and understand. The team is dedicated. All together create solidarity to help the Company to overcome many challenges of safe development until today.