The lucky draw ceremony of the Program of “Welcome Winter Spring - Bring Good Luck & Fortune” of the 1st time officially found the first 04 lucky owners held on December 25, 2020. Thereby, 04 lucky owners in the first tỉme of the Program are 04 farmers from 3 provinces namely: An Giang, Kien Giang, and Long An.

Products are both in good quality and more valuable prizes from Ca Mau Fertilizer

During the period of 4 days from January 29 to 31, 2021, PetroVietnam Ca Mau Fertilizer JSC brought the Honda Future motorbike prize to the 1st prize winners personally along with good luck wishes for a prosperous New Year of the Ox. Unable to hide the joy in his eyes, the person whom was first visited by PetroVietnam Ca Mau Fertilizer JSC is Mr. Tran Van Dung (residing in Hung Dien B Commune, Tan Hung District, Long An Province) shared: “I happened to know the Program via the dealer near my house, I bought 20 bags of N46.Plus, opened them and won a few vouchers, then followed the instructions, and didn’t think I won such a valuable motorbike. I was surprised and very happy, this Lunar New Year will be determined to celebrate a big Tet”. Mr. Dung further confided that in this crop, owing to the N46.Plus Ca Mau products, his rice fields are greener, more durable, more insect-tolerance than those of previous crops, so he saved a lot of cultivating expenses. Exceeded expectations, this crop is expected to yield more than 8 tons, this is a high yield compared to those of the general situation in the region.

PetroVietnam Ca Mau Fertilizer JSC presents a motorbike to the winner, Mr. Tran Van Dung in Long An Province

Unlike Mr. Dung, Mr. Vo Van Khang (Kien Giang) has been using Ca Mau Fertilizer for many years, he related: “I bought Urea Bio to fertilize rice, saw that there was both very interesting program and easy to take part in it, so I took advantage of opportunity to follow instructions. It is really unexpected to win a motorbike award, I am very happy. So I have my motorbike to go to work in the fields, that’s really awesome. Thank you Ca Mau Fertilizer”. Sharing his feelings about Ca Mau Fertilizer products, Mr. Khang is very favorite Ca Mau Urea Bio products, because he thinks that, with soils contaminated with alum and saline like in Kien Giang and Ca Mau Province, Urea Bio is a very effective solution for rice. Fertilizers help alum lower in soil, increase non-cohesiveness, thereby helping plants grow and well-absorb. Not only that, since  using Ca Mau Urea Bio products so far, Mr. Khang’s rice fields have always good yields, rice is low pest or disease, so the outcome of annual crop-ends are steady and profitable.

PetroVietnam Ca Mau Fertilizer JSC presented a motorbike to the winner: Mr. Vo Van Khang in Kien Giang Province

…There remain numerous opportunities for people attending the Program “Welcome Winter –Spring Crops – Bring Good luck & Fortune”

“Welcome Winter –Spring Crops – Bring Good luck & Fortune” is a promotional program exclusively for the Southwest Region, applicable to the N46.Plus and Ca Mau Urea Bio Products. There remain numerous coupons and valuable motorbike prizes waiting for you to own. Therefore, you should quickly go to the nearest Ca Mau Fertilizer agents to take part in the program, take a chance to own valuable vouchers and extremely attractive Honda Future motorbikes.

In addition to the Program “Welcome Winter Spring Crops – Bring Good Luck & Fortune”, the attractive promotional programs are always held by PetroVietnam Ca Mau Fertilizer JSC to help people reduce their worries about natural disasters and epidemics, and at the same time help farmers to take more chances to have access to really quality and effective fertilizer products under the brand name of Ca Mau Fertilizer. Trust to choose the Ca Mau Fertilizer Product, getting high yield crops, more valuable fruit trees, Our Valued Customers!