10 years ago, Ca Mau Gas-Power-Fertilizer Complex was officially completed and put into operation. For a full decade, Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant as a key link has always fulfilled its responsibility, met national expectations and the trust of millions of farming households. The mission to ensure fertilizer supply has became more and more clear when the plant reached 8 million tons of products on October 6, 2021, always operated stably with 110% of capacity, marking a milestone in the world's sustainable agricultural development journey.


The inner strength to conquer the target

The initial difficulties are imprinted in the memory of generations of leaders and workers in the Ca Mau Gas - Power - Fertilizer Complex. A massive system of modern machinery and equipment imported directly from Europe, on a large scale with a total investment of more than $900 million, is operated by Vietnamese people. With such difficulties and pressure, the team with strong faith, will and enthusiasm has unitedly clasped hands. During the past time, the operation team has always mastered the technology, actively created, mastered the process, well maintained the designed capacity from over 103% - 110%, supplied 800,000 tons of urea per year.

The results come from the timely attention and direction of the Government, especially the Leadership of the Petrovietnam (PVN). The team of engineers at Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant, who were initially young but have matured through challenges and hardships. Since the 2016 general maintenance, the team has wondered how to perfect the CO2 separator to reduce energy consumption. The increase in plant capacity to reduce production costs is also a motivation for engineers to constantly strive to learn, create, and persistently experiment to improve knowledge and expertise.


After 2 years of "hard research" until February 2019, PVCFC experts have successfully researched and put the Permeat Gas system into official operation. Gas recovery capacity exceeds 30%, reducing natural gas consumption by about 1,900GJ/day. Safe and stable plant operation is also a guarantee of equipment safety. The company's production cost also decreases from VND 43 to 68 billion/year. Especially in 2020, PVCFC was named The plants with the best operating efficiency and the Top 10% of plants with the lowest energy consumption by the Haldor Topsoe technology licensor.

Faced with the challenge of Covid-19 over the past 2 years, PVCFC has self-maintained nearly 2,000 work and equipment items without hiring foreign experts. Persistence with top criteria: strict plan, complete data (PM, BOM, Partlist), solid expertise, meticulous care, etc.

The Board of Directors has always encouraged the spirit of invention and innovation to maintain stable capacity through internal programs and healthy emulation prizes so that the team has the opportunity to collide and train. Colleagues are open to sharing, frankly giving suggestions and leaders are dedicated to guiding the direction to keep people full of energy.

“Eureka 2020”, “Optimizing operations to increase the capacity of Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant” awarded by PVN, 03 applications for the Vietnam Science and Technology Innovation Awards 2021, etc. represents many other outstanding achievements.


Thereby, many talents are discovered and further developed to serve the common strategy. Last year alone, there were 3 recognized experts, opening the series of "Senior HR" programs. 43 People are planned in 15 fields throughout the plant and developed into 25 experts by 2025. 

The results achieved in each stage give the team confidence to embark on a new journey. Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant has grown up in the form of Ca Mau Fertilizer and received the trust and support of millions of farming households in all regions.

The milestone of 8 million tons in the service journey

The product range of “Ca Mau Fertilizer - Hat ngoc mua vang” has increasingly added to the abundant, hi-tech products and completed soil structure, provided adequate, balanced and fast-acting nutrition, contributing to improving the soil microbiota, etc.

Millions of bags of high-quality, balanced nutrition and soil suitable fertilizer are welcomed by farmers throughout the Mekong Delta, Southeast, Central Highlands and the whole country. Maintain 60% market share of the Southwest region. Despite difficulties in 2021, the plant still consumed 930.65 thousand tons, effectively exported 300 thousand tons of urea to close partners in Cambodia, supplying regularly to Myanmar, Thailand, the Philippines, etc. 

Ca Mau NPK fertilizer was officially operated in the third quarter of 2019 with a capacity of 300,000 tons/year to enrich quality products and output to serve farmers.


It is these advantages that help Ca Mau fertilizer products achieve good and stable consumption every year, overcoming many ups and downs. At 9:50 pm on the night of September 13, 2020, Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant reached the 7 millionth urea production milestone and then made great efforts to overcome many great challenges, reaching the milestone of 8 million tons in early October 2021.

Thus, Ca Mau Fertilizer has made an arduous and resilient journey to this day. The number 8 will be multiplied to serve the people and the country's agriculture as the company has done well for many years.