Honored for Outstanding Efforts, Overcoming Challenges and Powerful Recovery

Vietnam has just experienced an “Economic Shock” in 2021 with a resurgence of the epidemic disease. Particularly, for the fertilizer industry, it also has faced many challenges during the period such as gasoline prices rising resulting gas prices to increase, affecting production costs; the Covid-19 epidemic making the supply chain, transporting of goods, equipment, experts, contractors facing many difficulties and incurred costs, etc.


Besides, the fertilizer industry, last year, also had advantages facilitating the enterprises in this field to develop such as increased fertilizer prices; the greater fertilizer demand also caused some factories to stop operating, and countries to limit their exports; favorable weather for agricultural production.

In that context, Petro Viet Nam Ca Mau Fertilizer JSC (PVCFC) has implemented synchronously the solutions to cope with and overcome challenges, and also make the most of the advantages to make its breakthrough. As a result of the production output reached 898 thousand tons of equivalent Urea, the consumption volume reached more than 1 million tons of fertilizers of all kinds, as a result of the total revenue was more than VND 10,000 billion in 2021.

The VNR500 Ranking Board is based on independent research and evaluation results in accordance with the international standards of Vietnam Report. The VNR500 Ranking Board 2021 recognized and honored the worthy achievements of PVCFC and large-scale enterprises for their effective and sustainable production and business activities, excellent overcoming challenges and powerful recovery as well in the post-pandemic.

https://www.pvcfc.com.vn/Data/Sites/1/media/hinh-anh-2022/thang-01/d%C3%A2y-chuy%E1%BB%81n-npk.jpgAccompanying with Community, Development Adaptation

Together with production and business tasks, PVCFC has implemented many meaningful social security programs in 2021 such as: Supporting the Government’s Covid-19 Vaccine Fund of  VND 5 billion; Supporting Ca Mau Province’s Vaccine Fund of VND 1 billion; Purchasing ambulances to support other provinces in the epidemic prevention and control of VND 15.64 billion; Accompanying with farmers in the Covid-19 epidemic situation, PVCFC continuously carries out the programs of fertilizers promotion and support such as: “Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant - Sharing Together” Program, VND 18 billion was spent to support the farmers, “Supporting Farmers – Overcoming Challenges Together” Program at a total value of more than VND 14 billion, etc.

Vietnam’s economy is now restarting in the post-pandemic with its more prudent emotional state, the Government is determining to switch from a “Zero Covid” mindset to living safely during the epidemic period in order to restore production and business and ensure socioeconomic development. With such mind of a theme for 2022 as: “Flexible Adaptation – Innovation” is chosen by PVCFC. 


PVCFC identifies and execute its key tasks as Operating the plant in the efficient, safe, stable manner at its maximum capacity; Optimizing and saving energy, Improving the efficiency of urea and NPK production; Diversifying raw materials for urea and NPK production; Strengthening awareness of Ca Mau NPK in the target markets; Controlling disease; Implementing digital transformation, Applying information technology thorough in all strategic points; Expanding domestic and foreign markets, etc.

Being listed in the Top 500 Largest Enterprises in Vietnam for 2021, once again, PVCFC affirms its prestige of Ca Mau Fertilizer Brand in the markets and the position of a large enterprise with the mission of closely associated with Vietnam agriculture and accompanying with farmers. Thereby making motivation for the PVCFC’s teams to strive ceaselessly to achieve the best business efficiency, continue to provide with more quality product lines, contributing into change of the face of the country’s agricultural economy.

   Source: tieudung.vn