Within the framework of the recent online conference on “Current problems and solutions to the use of fertilizers and pesticides and the management of cultivation areas and agricultural products packing facilities in the Mekong Delta provinces”, Petrovietnam Ca Mau Fertilizer Joint Stock Company (PVCFC, HOSE: DCM) has officially signed a MOU with the Plant Protection Department (PPP), paving a strategic goal in the development, balanced and effective use of organic fertilizers for a sustainable green agriculture.

Urgent removal of current agricultural problems in the Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta’s annual fertilizer consumption is over 40% of that of the country. With the role of producing more than 50% of agricultural output, over 90% of export food production and about 70% of fruit production of the country, the ineffective use of biological products poses a risk of unsustainable quality and value of agricultural products in the future.
At the conference, Mr. Hoang Trung, Director of the Plant Protection Department (MARD) said that there were 8,500 fertilizer products circulated and used throughout the country. Particularly, the Mekong Delta provinces consumed up to 5,265 (accounting for 21.5%) products, mainly organic fertilizers (4,000 products) and the rest of inorganic fertilizers with a total consumption of 10.3 million tons/year during the last 3 years.

Image 1: General Director of PVCFC Van Tien Thanh signed with the Plant Protection Department

The alarming figures pose an urgent need for an effective and balanced management solution to the use of fertilizers and pesticides, ensuring the dual goal of consumer health and minimizing the impact on the ecosystem for a sustainable green agriculture.

In addition to the complex climate change’s impact in the Mekong Delta on the soil-water environment, which partly affects the quality of agricultural products and results in a decline in export value in the target markets, the Conference also discussed the production capacity in specialized-centralized cultivation areas, the packaging quality requirements at the facilities. Strengthening effective product chain management for origin and quality traceability is an urgent solution to be taken.

The Conference unanimously identified it as the common mission of the stakeholders. Representatives, leading fertilizer providers, cooperatives, etc. have been committed to join hands in preserving the value chain for Vietnamese agricultural products with specific action plans.

Petrovietnam Ca Mau Fertilizer Joint Stock Company with over 60% of its market share in the Mekong Delta has always taken a sustainable strategy in line with the highly nutritious product supply chain in addition to technical support for proper fertilization.

At the discussion, Ca Mau Fertilizer agreed on the positive views from the delegates. Moreover, the expectation of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development stated at the Conference is consistent with the sustainable development direction that PVCFC always strives to achieve. Within the framework of the Conference, the Company officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Plant Protection Department, opening up an opportunity to concretize the action strategy with capacity and a methodical roadmap.

Ca Mau Fertilizer cooperates to strengthen key solutions

The signing between the Plant Protection Department and Ca Mau Fertilizer is expected to have positive effects on the reality of the Mekong Delta in particular as well as the country's farmer oriented agriculture in general.

Figure 2: PVCFC representative Mr. Van Tien Thanh discussed with the Minister Le Minh Hoan about the current problems and solutions to improve the efficiency of fertilizer use

Ca Mau Fertilizer plays the role of ensuring fertilizer supply and contributing to food security by pioneering in the supply of diverse nutritional solutions for plants. During the past 10 years, the Company has always accompanied farmers to develop more new products, propose solutions to improve the efficiency of fertilizer use in addition to reasonable and balanced fertilization instructions.

With this cooperation agreement, Ca Mau Fertilizer will focus on promoting organic, safe and sustainable cultivation, contributing value to society, bringing benefits to farmers and enterprises. Therefore, providing instructions on balanced and effective fertilizer use and strengthening the production and use of organic fertilizers is the responsibility and obligation of the Company and is consistent with current regulations, mechanisms and policies of the State. To realize the above strategy, Ca Mau Fertilizer is aware of the importance of long-term accompanying and always coordinates with leading research institutes, Departments of Agriculture and Rural Development and Agricultural Extension Centers of provinces to join hands towards supporting farmers on a large and consistent scale.

Following that orientation, the company will, in the coming time, focus on training and providing farmers with instructions on the balanced and effective use of fertilizers, especially increased use of organic fertilizers. The company will train and cooperate with fertilizer distributors to provide quality fertilizers with origin traceability and brand transparency. The company will provide instructions on the use of fertilizers in a reasonable, balanced, safe and effective manner in accordance with relevant regulations. The company will also promote the production and the balanced and effective use of organic/inorganic fertilizers, and develop a value chain and a balanced and effective fertilizer use model in agricultural production to contribute to improving the lives of farmers, towards a safe, organic and agriculture. The company will apply scientific, technical and technological advances to the production of organic fertilizers and new generation fertilizers in Vietnam.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, PVCFC General Director Van Tien Thanh affirmed “I have great confidence and expectation in this cooperation strategy. PVCFC will focus resources and efforts to achieve committed results with specific farmer oriented programs. This not only enhances the position of our company, but it is also important to accelerate the development of Vietnamese agriculture in a sustainable direction.”