Attending the Conference were Mr. Nguyen Hoang Anh - Member of the Executive Committee of the Party Central Committee, Chairman of the Commission for the Management of State Capital at Enterprises (CMSC); Mr. Nguyen Cao Luc - Vice Chairman of Office of the Government; Mr. Cao Xuan Thanh - Deputy Head of the National Steering Committee for Power Development; Mr. Ho Sy Hung, Vice Chairman of the CMSC, together with representatives of central ministries and agencies.

On the side of Petrovietnam, there were Mr. Hoang Quoc Vuong - Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the Board of Members of the Group; Mr. Le Manh Hung - Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, General Director of the Group; Mr. Pham Xuan Canh - Standing Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Member of the Board of Members of the Group, together with comrades in the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, the Board of Members, the Board of General Directors, the leaders of specialized departments/Office of the Group, the representatives of the unions and politic organizations. 

PVCFC’s typical and excellent team in the production and business activities for 2021

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic lasting for two years, adverse impacts affecting the global economy and trade, oil prices are always at low rates lasting for many months, generating unprecedented challenges and difficulties for Petrovietnam. However, the Group has fully taken advantage of opportunities from the oil prices and recovery of the world economy to proactively adapt, and overcome numerous challenges caused by the epidemic, complicated happenings in the East Sea and distancing, and supply chain disruption from the low demand of the markets.

PVCFC was honored and rewarded for the typical and excellent achievements in its production and business activities.

Oriented to the Group’s common goals for 2021, PVCFC identified and followed closely the implementation of variation management, maximum value, market expansion, taking advantage of opportunities, investment linkages, growth recovery. As a result, PVCFC operated with a capacity of 110% in 2021; for the first time, PVCFC ensures the completion of the overall maintenance period meeting the quality and schedule requirements without mobilization of any foreign experts; production output was more than 898 thousand tons of equivalent urea, reaching 103% of the plan (adjusted plan); consumption volume was more than 1 million tons, reaching 99% of the plan; total revenue was more than VND 10,000 billion, reached 110% of the plan; profit after tax reached VND 1,823 billion.

PVCFC was awarded the Certificate of Merit by the General Director of the Group with good performance in total revenue, market expansion and consolidated pre-tax profit for 2021.

At the Conference, the typical teams with outstanding achievements in production and business activities in 2021 were honored and rewarded by the Group. PVCFC was honored and  awarded of the Emulation Flag for 2021 by the Group for the outstanding achievements in the production and business activities in 2021 and was awarded of the Certificate of Merit by the General Director of the Group with good outcomes in total revenue, market expansion and consolidated pre-tax profit in 2021.

PVCFC standing side by side with agriculture and farmers and fulfilling social responsibility 

In 2021, Petrovietnam achieved impressive achievements in development, actively implemented management and practice economy. This is a very important premise so that the Group may do the best in fulfillment of its responsibility to the community. Along with achievements in production and business, last year, PVCFC carried out many meaningful social security programs, namely: supporting the Government’s Vaccine Fund of VND 5 billion; to support Ca Mau Province’s Vaccine Fund of VND 1 billion; purchasing ambulances to support other provinces in epidemic preventing and controlling of VND 15.64 billion.

The Brand of “Ca Mau Fertilizer – Golden Harvest Gems” with its mission of bringing “Thousands of Golden Harvests” value to the Vietnam’s agriculture, owing to the quality of a set of Ca Mau Fertilizer Product considered as the multi-colored “Gems”. During the past 10 years of development, PVCFC has always set the goal of accompanying and standing side by side with the agricultural industry and farmers to contribute into the development of Vietnam’s agricultural industry.

In the context of the complicated status of the Covid-19 epidemic is taking place in many localities, PVCFC continuously has carried out the fertilizer support and promotion programs last year such as “Ca Mau Fertilizer – Together share” Program, PVCFC spent of VND 18 billion for supporting farmers; the “Supporting Farmers for Together Overcoming Challenges“ Program at a total value of more than VND 14 billion; “I choose Ca Mau NPK” Program at a total value of more than VND 3 billion; “Dong Xuan Crop Prosperity - Golden Good Fortune Knocking At the Doors” Program at a total value of VND 3 billion, etc. These are all practical programs to help famers reduce difficulties for reinvestment, production in the post-pandemic, and keep their mind on their cultivation and settlement into life.

PVCFC was honored and awarded the logo as a typical team in the social security and Covid-19 disease prevention in 2021 and as a typical team in the implementation of the Oil and Gas Culture Regeneration Project for 2021.

PVCFC’s vigorous change in “Corporate Culture Development”  

Being aware of the core role of the Corporate Culture, PVCFC has acquired and implemented the Petrovietnam Cultural Regeneration Project, contributing into the change in the production and business activities, helping PVCFC overcome many challenges for successful completion of all assigned tasks. With efforts, perseverance in implementation, combined with the media, has transformed the Petrovietnam cultural values into the actions and routine work, thereby promoting the synergy of the whole political system. 

PVCFC continues to change the step of “Corporate Culture Development”, cultivating and expanding the local community development ecosystem, creating a synchronous progress with close connection. Thereby, creation of an environment and motivation is obtained for development promotion of “Innovation” capacity for the employees and partners. Each member of PVCFC is a vivid factor in the engagement effort and conquering personal goals associated with the development of the organization. 

With valuable contributions to the society and community, at the Conference, PVCFC continued to be recognized, honored and awarded 2 titles by the Group, namely: “Typical Team in Social Security and Covid-19 Epidemic Prevention for 2021” and “Typical Team in the Petroleum Culture Regeneration Project Implementation for 2021".

PVCFC’s flexible adaption and innovation followed modern trends 

In opinion of General Director of Petrovietnam, Mr.Le Manh Hung, in order to reap the achievements last year, the Group transformed the management towards a modern, multi-level, multi-field integration with the goals of ensuring the corporate operating system in a  comprehensive and synchronous manner from the strategic planning, organizational model, financial system to the human resource administration, production organization and market development, towards sustainable development throughout the Group.

Honoring and giving the logo to PVCFC as a typical team in scientific research for 2021.

In which, PVCFC made further promotion of technology implementation, improvement of sales system and chain of digital platform application for farmers. In the first time for ordering and launching of an organic fertilizer product branded “OM CA MAU”, this is a comprehensive solution to the problem of saving costs while increasing of value of agricultural products, contributing into the satisfaction of sustainable development needs subject to a microorganism trend of the agricultural industry nowadays. The PVCFC’s new website is designed as per the newly changed and updated user interfaces and applications. The PVCFC’s Board of Directors was reorganized and upgraded operation in accordance with the International Best Practices, commensurate with functions and tasks in the new development period.

Logo of the typical team in digital transformation for 2021 honored and awarded to PVCFC

With the recognized worthy achievements, PVCFC remains to be honored and awarded the logo as a typical team in the scientific researches for 2021 and also a typical team in the digital transformation for 2021.

By the inherited achievements of 2021, entering the 2022 plan, PVCFC determine together with the Group to overcome all difficulties and challenges, striving to the best fulfillment of tasks and planned targets assigned by the Party and the State. PVCFC continues the flexible adaption, innovation and disease safety control in order to achieve the dual goal of ensuring health and safety for employees and workers, maintaining production and completing proposed plan as well.