On the morning of 14th September 2020, PVCFC was pleased to know that its yield has reached 7 million, equivalent to 140 million products in demand.  This proves the corporation instrumental in Vietnamese agrarian industry.

Blood, sweat and tears

With aims to high-quality fertilizers mass production, providing farmers with financial support and stabilization of the national food resource security, over the past 10 years, PVCFC has incessantly bettered by trying harder. This is proved by a high frequency of the plant’s operation, improved and maximized productivity in design, unfailingly coming up to the government’s and growers’ expectations.

From the very first days, given with a well-equipped plant backed by European technology, a panel of persevering engineers who are never afraid to take initiatives were soon to gain control over the production chain and bring about systematic circulations. For the time being, wattage measured remains at 110%. The number of crops produced annually is constantly 870000 tons. Up until now, it has reached 7 million, saving the governors from innumerable injections of dollars for importation

With thrive for the better, the company workers’ has conducted several researches to innovate, making it possible to cut down on fuel costs and boost productivity. There have been a myriad of noteworthy proposals over the past year: Replacing burning gas with permeate gas which was previously wasted, increasing 3% of the wattage; Hydraulic turbine’s self-recuperation without the need for either renewal or assisting experts; interchangeablity between turbine and motor engines; reform of carbon dioxide consumption, contributing to a rise of 1,2% in operation efficiency; a cut-down on the amount of LP absorbed by deaheator, raising effectiveness in conversion of devices and reducing energy loss… with a panel of veteran experts, PCVCFC was rated as one of the top 10 factories with the least amount of energy consumed by Haldor Topose

Such excellence not only saves a gigantic amount for the corporation but also guarantees its regular operation with the utmost efficiency. Rarely do accidents occur. Even if they do, immediate measures are taken in time. As time drags on, an attainment of 7 million has claimed the company’s massive progresses.

Making millions of dreams come true

As a trustworthy companion, PVCFC always provides growers with assistance, guidelines and sublime products even in natural disasters such as soil salinity.

Since launched, a collections of products, “Đạm Cà Mau - Hạt Ngọc Mùa Vàng” has never failed to claimed its place as the sought-after, making up for 40% of the whole nation marketplace and 60% in The Mekong Delta, even making its debut in The Highland and becoming a dependable collaborator with Cambodia as well as many other nations in the region.

A never-ending improvement in product quality, adapting to any technological advancements, has resulted in a decrease of 30% in the amount of fertilizer used and a 5-10% boost in productivity, benefiting both the farmers and customers. PVCFC is determined to pursue diversity and constant adjustments to meet the need of the marketplace. The ultimate goal is to consolidate the Vietnamese agrarian industry, not merely enhance the business’s capability or reap rich dividends

Every achievement helps PVCFC gains its foothold in the field. 7 million seems to be a perfect number to mark one of the highlights in the corporation’s journey to serve farmers with every care and compassion, also accomplish the nation’s farming mission.

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