Ever since October 20th 2020, the corporation has officially expanded from “Ca Mau Protein” to “Ca Mau Fertilizer”. This is deemed as a paradigm shift, opening up more prospects and opportunities. Additionally, the company is more likely to accomplish its mission to deliver a full package of nutrients in need as well as claim the competitive edge over other opponents on both internal and external markets.

It has been virtually a decade since PVCFC first made their way onto the Vietnamese compost market, becoming a front runner in the industry with an immense diversity of services which are incessantly developed. For the time being, such expansion is a called-for move so as to branch out in to many other areas in the field, specifically the production of fertilizers.


As for brand recognition, the logo is kept. It is the following phrase that is changed into “Ca Mau Fertilizer”. Nonetheless, the underlying meaning the company is aspired to convey is inherited and developed: A combination of Plant-Land-Sky represents God-Earth-Man, proving a tightened connection between PVCFC and growers, agriculture and the promising prosperity of the agrarian industry. A meaningful logo is of paramount importance when it comes to brand popularization, spreading PVCFC’s burning desire to provide farmers with an optimal set of nutrients.

Regarding the slogan, “Pearl Seeds Bring Gold Fields” is continued to be used, implying a compelling need to bring along “thousands of Gold Fields” with the Vietnamese agrarian industry. This can only come true by the corporation’s renowned package which is considered “Pearl Seeds”.

After 10 years of devotion and dedication, Ca Mau Fertilizer – Pearl Seeds Bring Gold Field has officially embarked on its new journey alive and kicking with much more honor and responsibility.

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Petrovietnam Camau Fertilizer Joint Stock Company

Lot D, Ward 1 Industrial Park, Ngo Quyen Street, Ward 1, Ca Mau City
Tel: 0290.381.9000 Fax: 0290.359.0501
Email: info@pvcfc.com.vn



Floor 18, Petroland Tower, No. 12 Tan Trao St., District 7, HCMC.
Tel: 028.5417.0555
Fax: 028.5417.0550
Email: info@pvcfc.com.vn