Throughout the campaign, by the aid of PVN’s staff, PVCFC’s workers have gone to great strengths to yield better than expected

Specifically, the firm’s plant has been operating with safety and stability over the past 5 years and had 6 million tons of produce in July 2019. Besides, it has been incessantly searching for innovation and optimization so as to enhance productivity. Resultantly, the production rate of the Ammonia plant has been lifted to 110% compared to August 2016. Together with that, that of the Urea plant has experienced a gradual climb from 98% to 110%.

Apart from that, the plant has initiated numerous high-tech optimizing schemes specialized for gas efficiency: purchasing Permeate from GPP, the recuperation of Hydraulic Turbine, interchanging between turbine and motor engines, the improvement of carbon dioxide separation, etc. In consequence, there have been a cut-down in prices and a commendable boost in the business efficiency.

After Bechmarking, the plant claimed its place on the short-listed candidates for annual betterment in productivity. PVCFC is rated as one of the 10% plants which are recorded to be most productive around the globe, becoming one of the most energy-efficient factories across the world with averagely 28GJ/MT(NH3 used is counted-not including any by products)

Concerning the business, from 2015 to 2019, the firm had sold out its products, sustaining its leading role in the Mekong Delta’s agrarian industry (60% of the marketplace). Up until now, its brand recognition has become more remarkable than ever before, not only internal but also external markets. The company’s trademarks (urea, NH3, N46.Plus, etc.) and other side products are pushed for sales with reasonable costs, stabilizing the fertilizer market and making PVCFC “a nurturer”.

Particularly, the innovative wave has yielded innumerable praiseworthy results. PVCFC has acknowledged 486 motions with a total asset of above 850 billion VND, 9 of which won laurels for contributing considerably to the corporation.

The firm has released a series of newcomers to the fertilizer industry in order to guarantee a more dependable source of nutrients such as N46.Plus, N.Humate+TE, Nano C+, etc. All of them received unanimous approval from experts in the field. Also, the company has successfully applied several technological advancements: novel crops demonstration build-up and improved cultivation procedure which is part of the international crops project; collaborating to enforce agricultural hands-on laboratory, heading for high-quality source of fertilizers, benefiting growers and the industry as a whole.

Altogether, the corporation has made a household name for helping farmers overcome countless difficulties. From the very first baby steps, PVCFC has offered them solutions to agricultural sufferings of residents from the Mekong Delta. With its shares accounting for over 60% of the marketplace, the figure continued to rise in many other parts of the country.

Recently, the company has officially launched 7 products belonging to urea breed. Complex and organic breeds have made their contribution to the diversity of high-quality compositions so that farmers are presented with a variety of choices.

Pulling through a period of 9 years, PVCFC has claimed its foothold in the fertilizer industry. Prizes such as Vietnamese Golden Stars; High-quality Vietnamese Products, National Brand; Golden Rice Flower; Grower-oriented Business, etc. prove memorials for the corporation efforts to help the farmers with every of it sincerity and responsibility.

During the following 5 years, with a tradition of solidarity, unity, the “Pioneering-Considerate-Responsible-Compatible” culture and experiences, PVCFC operating crew are persevere on their way to remain opportune, take over any challenges encountered and accomplish the missions delegated, culminating in PVN’s growth in such volatile phase of time.