Once again, this proves PVCFC’s thoughtfulness towards the local community,  particularly consumers.

In consequence, 6 provinces hardest-hit by a sudden upsurge in saltiness of soil have been provided with over 300 tanks whose capacity is 500 liters. This will address the problem of water insufficiency and reorient cultivation in the upcoming stage.

Despite the benefit of hindsight, the unpredictability of soil salinity has had a detrimental effect on the locals. Soc Trang, Ben Tre, Tien Giang were observed with 1500ha of crops spoiled, 20000ha  of  orchard deteriorated as a result of dehydration. There has been an alarming shortage of water in innumerable regions, which requires immediate measures.

At the beginning of such battle against nature, it is more heart-wrenching than ever seeing the locals throwing every effort into not only contending with but also adapting to the current situation. As a result, PVCFC in collaboration with local agricultural corporations has left no stone unturned in a search for an efficient usage of fertilizer. Subsequently, guidelines on salinity check and optimal time for water intake are offered.  Though there is a need for speed in tackling the ongoing challenge, quality is of the utmost essence. It is the bare necessities that draw PVCFC’s attention.

With the concurrence of the ineluctable spreading of COVID-19, PVCFC has come in contact with local authorities to guarantee safety recommended by the government and Ministry of Health while gifting the residents the tanks.

With the capacity of 500ml, they will no longer suffer from a lack of water for sanitation. Measuring the level of saltiness is carried out on a regular basis so that the locals can adjust the production course to the updated situation.

As a prestigious supplier of fertilizer which plays a crucial role in supplementing plants with nutrients, PVCFC has presented its products accompanied with the tanks. This will assist people in the course of cost-cutting and land for cultivation will have more time to be revitalized.

The campaign “Allying with Farmers in a fight against Soil Salinity 2020” has proceeded with a tradition of offering opportune aid in the emergence of soil salinity. PVCFC feels honour-bound to, together with the entire nation, rescue the growers from the implications of soil salinity and help their crops productivity revert to normal.