Forbes Vietnam recently conducted its 9th poll of best listed companies in 2021 in the context of Vietnam's and the world economy continued to be strongly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite such fact, the representative of Forbes Vietnam maintained a positive outlook: Faced with many difficulties caused by the pandemic for over a year, business results of many enterprises in the Top 50 list reflected strong leadership skills, the abilities to turn the situation around, investing in opportunities, gaining positive business results and overall contributing to the development of Vietnam's economy.

PV GAS is included in the list for the 9th consecutive year

To be voted in the Top 50 best listed companies in 2021, companies must have the best business results and be listed on Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HSX) and Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX). Most on the list are firmly established companies in the market, prominent not only in their field of industry but also in the whole economy. Companies are assessed by Forbes Vietnam based on the following criteria: compound growth rate of revenue and profit, ROE-ROC ratio and EPS growth during 2016-2020; qualitative survey aimed at assessing the sustainable development of businesses, the position of numerous companies in the industry, the source of profits, the quality of corporate governance, and prospects ahead for the development of industry, etc. Assessment data is based on financial statements audits of the company, excluding its subsidiaries or those that have a very low business position.

POW continued to be in Top 50 best listed companies in Vietnam in 2021 as voted by Forbes Vietnam,

Upon finalizing the 2021 list, Forbes recorded 50 companies in the 2021 list with total revenue of more than 1,219 trillion VND, increased by 8.7% in comparison to the total revenue of 50 companies in the 2020 list, but most notably is an increment of 26% of after-tax profits of 50 companies, accounting of 174,482 billion VND. The Forbes poll also illustrated how severe the pandemic has disrupted business activities across industries. This is seen in the changes of positions in the current top 50 in comparison to that of the 2020 list. There were a total of 19 changes, in which 8 enterprises made a comeback and 11 companies entered the Top 50 list for the first time.

DCM was named among the Top 50 best listed companies in Vietnam for the first time as voted by Forbes Vietnam

The Oil and Gas industry has 5 enterprises in the Forbes ranking in 2021, including: GAS, POW, PVS, PVD, DCM, all of which are the leading enterprises in the Utilities and Oil & Gas sectors. In particular, GAS is one of the few enterprises with 9 consecutive years in the ranking, while DCM was voted for the first time.