Saigon during rainy days. From the strange and silent streets, I can't forget Saigon of hustle and bustle. Everyone understands why, and also wishes a normal day as it was before. All look at this humanitarian land in many ways: materially, spiritually, systematically and sometimes quietly. Suddenly echoing the lyrics of the late musician Trinh Cong Son: "sống trong đời sống cần có một tấm lòng, để làm gì em biết không...?" (To live in this life, one needs a soul. For what, you know?)

Nguyen Ngoc Hoang Long, a young man, a member of Marketing Division of Ca Mau Petroleum Fertilizer Joint Stock Company. Like many people who love Saigon, he "sorrows Saigon" for the loss during the past time.

The company where Hoang Long works is always a pioneer in accompanying the social security programs across the country. Since Saigon was "sick", the organization has promptly implemented many cash support programs, medical equipment, voluntary service, etc. the colleagues regularly connect to support the compatriots in anyway. All urge Long to do something with his own ability. Dedicating his useful youth to activities for the community. Both having a hand to support and spreading the positive spirit, encouraging everyone to be optimistic to overcome the pandemic as well as the current difficulties.

After the first time volunteering failed because Hoang Long accidentally caught F1, and he was isolated, he was determined to join the team vaccinating for workers. Last August 13, 2021, it was really an unforgettable memory for him when he successfully helped organizing 1,178 people in absolute safety and order. Since then, Long has been working hard…

Large scale, time pressure and great workload require the whole team to have scientific preparation, smooth coordination and great efforts. The Organizer divides the team into 3 groups, Long in the first group is in charge of guiding online medical declarations, filling in the confirmation form for vaccination and declaring screening information - background diseases. This is an important step that requires the operator to understand, fill in correctly and sufficiently to help the medical force have a basis to carry out vaccination.

After completing step 1, group 2 is in charge of receiving information, comparing the lists and distributing vaccination forms. Group 3 arranges stable locations for people who are waiting for screening and official vaccination.

Organizing for 1,178 people with per group of a few dozen people. Long's team constantly supports each other when their work is temporarily finished. Long recalls that there was a time when people came in a rush, and his fellows constantly reminded everyone to settle down, to keep calm. It was so happy that everyone is aware of following 5K rule, lined up straight, sometimes even actively supporting each other with information for more peace of mind.

A few people who are tired of waiting for a long time and want to be vaccinated quickly, Long and his fellows explained, vaccination instructions must be in the correct order and procedure to ensure safety and effectiveness. Waiting in the hot weather made many elderly ones tired, there were also cases of weak health and anxiety causing disturbances in heart rhythm, Long team kindly inquired, guided them to relax and regulate breathing, mental stability.

Then, each member of the team worked together to complete the program successfully. For Long, supporting vaccinated individuals is an additional opportunity to reduce the risk of infection and reduce pressure on the community's anti-epidemic work.

Returning home to comply with the Directive 16 seriously, Hoang Long wanted to do more in his capacity. From the familiar zalo application "Helping the needy around you", Long actively interacted and promptly supported some difficult cases. That is, students who are "stuck" in Saigon due to the distance are no longer able to afford themselves; As the ones who are poor and lost their job struggling to earn the meals every day, burdened with worries about elderly mothers and young children… “Even though my ability is not much, I try to help people with my own ability in this time, a carton of noodles, eggs, and a box of milk for children also precious to those people in need,” Long shared.

Asked Long about his future intentions, he said he would continue to work with the Marketing team as well as participate in programs that the Company organizes for the community. I knew that I am only a small drop of water in the immense ocean in compatriot love, Hoang Long only hopes that he can contribute to spreading positivity, a cultural identity of his organization that is always towards the social community.