8 years is never a long period of time. Nonetheless, there have been countless dreams coming true. Together with PVCFC, the campaign has devoted itself to the community for 9 years. Another school year is coming close to initiation. In confrontation with a mounting number of concerns, it is all doom and gloom for students to commit themselves to schoolwork.

This year, PVCFC dedicated 2 billion VND to most of agricultural universities, namely Can Tho University, University of Agriculture and Forestry. Each merited over 150 scholarships with a value of 7 million VND each.

In Ca Mau, regularly, there will be 120 scholarships granted by high school students with a total of 240.000.000. In accompaniment with this, there has been hundreds of million VND given to those living in the province’s districts and villages. Also, in this First day of School Ceremony, there will be 30.000 notebooks presented to those having a hard time as gesture of encouragement.

If there is no persistency, nothing will happen. An 8-year journey means a never-ending assistance, a reminder and an dependable source of funding for students to lean on.