Right after reaching the destination, " Future step - Reaching out " message still resonates in every athlete, each member from the units of PVN and the people of Ca Mau.

At the end of this exciting race, the Organizer awarded the certificates of merit and medals to the athletes with the best achievements. 

For men, the first, second and third prizes of the 5km distance for the such winners as: Nguyen Nam Phat (Vinh Long), Do Chi Nguyen (CMRC), Duong Nhat Tan (PVS MTNB). The 10km distance was conquered by Nguyen Nham Duy Coi (Ultrain: first prize), Tran Van Dau (Kien Giang team: second prize) and Dang Minh Long (PTSC: third prize).


The 21km distance is the longest running race, and has named the champions: Mr. Nguyen Anh Tri (Center for coaching, training, and competition of sports: 1st prize), Mr. Doan Ngoc Hoang (Ultrain: 2nd prize) and Mr. Nguyen Tran Minh Duc (Cu Chi Running Club: third prize).

At the women's running race, the women’s all efforts were shown. The 5km distance was honored by Ms. Le Thi Cam Dang (first prize), Le Thi Hong My (second prize) and Le My Ngoc (third prize) all from the Center for Training and Sports.


The distance of 10 km honors Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Dung (PVN - PVD: first prize), Chau Giang Anh (Center for coaching, training, and competition of sports: second prize) and Tran Thi Thu Thai (PVN - Southern DK Institute: third prize)

No less than men at 21km distance, women also won the race. The first prize for Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Trinh (Center for coaching, training, and competition of sports). Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh Hien (Dam Phu My - second prize) and Tran Thi Kim Thuy (Can Tho - third prize). In addition, there are 30 consolation prizes at all distances for men and women.

“However, as a team, everyone is a winner and everyone shares the joy of conquering the destination. As a reminder to myself to keep striving to overcome difficulties, run over all obstacles to achieve my set goals.”, Ms. Nguyen Thi Anh Thao - an athlete said.

Especially this year, the Organizer also awarded other interesting categories such as "The oldest person completes the distance" and "The most impressive costume".


With the coordination of Ca Mau province’s Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, all the good preparations and organization contribute to the general success. The race has met the requirements and good purposes that the Organizer as well as each participant aims at.

It is a place to connect and exchange employees of affiliated companies with each other, Together spread the love of sport and exercise – VPN’s traditional culture feature to the community in general and people in Ca Mau in particular. Contributing to promoting the image of the homeland and the friendly and hospitable Ca Mau people to domestic and international friends.