Training program with the participation of experts and senior executives from Singapore: Expert John Antony – Advisor to the Board of Directors/Members’ Board of many big corporations and enterprises, former assistant to the President of Singapore (1997-2001); Expert Lim Boon Heng – Former Singaporean Cabinet Minister & Chairman of Temasek Holdings; Expert Charles Lim – Senior Member of Singapore Management Research Organization, General Director of Mydio Technology Pte Ltd; Specialist CS Liew – Owner and CEO of Pacific Agriscience Ptr Ltd (Singapore), Director and shareholder of Pelican Investment Cambodia Pte Ltd, Chairman of the Board of Directors and shareholder of HomeGlo Pty Ltd ( Singapore, Sydney); Expert Lim Chor Ghee – Chief Financial Officer – Malaysian Chamber of Commerce and Trade, General Director of Tricor Vietnam.

The program is divided into 3 training courses with offline training and discussion form via zoom. The program brings valuable knowledge on: Board of Directors’ performance in turn: Establishing a core foundation for an effective Board of Directors; Value Creation: Promoting & Strengthening the influence of the Board of Directors; Corporate Governance: The Best Principles, Practices & OECD Standards (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development).

Before the challenging new opportunities, especially "black shadow" of Covid 19 and uncertain market fluctuation, the training course provided extremely useful knowledge, valuable practical experience from Singapore experts, which is highly appreciated for its management and administration capacity. Thereby helping to strength the knowledge foundation, supporting PVCFC's Board of Directors to raise operating standards. Thereby, having a sharp and quick vision to grasp and deal with challenges effectively, helping the organization to overcome difficulties and develop sustainably.

Managing and operating a large-scale enterprise like Ca Mau Petroleum Fertilizer Joint Stock Company effectively and safely is a journey of loyalty and inheritance. Understanding this matter, the company’s leaders, Board of Directors, Board of Management always focused on learning, training, professional training, upgrading personal and organizational management thinking right from the starting date. The culture of learning and training is also spread and encouraged throughout the team through a series of periodic domestic and overseas training programs, internal seminars, sharing from experts...

The training course took place for 3 days and was successfully completed. With very useful information shared from international experts that helped PVCFC's Board of Directors update the best management practices so that they can be applied at the Company, in order to further improve governance at PVCFC. This has been the most special chapter, designed by the famous consultant VietStar Training & Consulting JSC for PVCFC.