What really surprised us was the very interesting sharing from good farmers (who are very careful in choosing input agricultural materials) about this product

From the journey of researching, launching and trading in the market

As a joint research product between PVCFC and Solvay Group (Belgium), N46.Plus fertilizer is a nitrogen product with Agrho N Dual protect coating to help "protect double nitrogen / protect nitrogen 2 times", helps to reduce nitrogen loss to the maximum, increases efficiency when used, save 20-30% of fertilizer compared to conventional nitrogen products 

Hiệu quả bất ngờ của N46.Plus từ chia sẻ của người nông dân - Ảnh 1.

In fact, when testing on a large scale (including rice, fruit trees, industrial plants, crops...) it also shows that plants using N46.Plus result in a savings of more than 30% in fertilizer and give yield increases of up to 7%, under certain conditions, it can increase yield by 10%.

With the practical results that N46.Plus brings to plants, helping farmers save fertilizer, increase productivity and farming efficiency. is a solid basis, a great motivation for Ca Mau Fertilizer to confidently bring products to the market while continuing its mission of providing the market with quality products, along with other prestigious products to create a set of nutritional solutions for plants.

To the results achieved

N46.Plus product, after being put into consumption, was positively evaluated by farmers, and became one of the key products hitting the high-grade nitrogenous fertilizer segment, which was an open market niche that had not been exploited much at that time.

Hiệu quả bất ngờ của N46.Plus từ chia sẻ của người nông dân - Ảnh 2.

For the domestic market, N46.Plus is now available nationwide, suitable for all types of crops from rice, industrial plants, fruit trees to vegetables. Consumption volume of N46.Plus has continuously increased over the years, showing that farmers are increasingly trusting in this product line.

For the foreign market, according to the measurement results of the market research company Cimigo in 2019, 40% of Cambodia's urea market share is supplied by Ca Mau Fertilizer, equivalent to over 100,000 tons per year, of which N46.Plus emerges as a product line that brings surprises to Cambodian agriculture because it not only increases productivity but also reduce farming costs by reducing the amount of fertilizer and increasing crop yield.


And amazing sharing from good farmers

During a random market survey, meeting Mr. Le Hoang Thai – in Ngoc An hamlet, Hau Thanh Tay commune, Tan Thanh district, Long An province, a farmer who owns many hectares of Japanese rice, in excitement of harvesting the high yielding summer-autumn crop, he shared: "When the agent introduced Ca Mau's color protein, with the affirmation of how good it was, how high the yield was, I didn't believe it, but I still bought it to try it out, because this brand is very reputable and has many quality products before.

I carefully use Dam Ca Mau (N46.Plus) on 2 different fields (the one I cultivate near the highway and one another that has been affected by alum and saline recently). Surprisingly, both fields gave very good results even though the rice variety I am using is Japanese one, which is more "difficult" than the common rice varieties today. From this initial success, I decided to combine the use of both White Nitrogen and Ca Mau's Color Nitrogen in parallel; so that the tree is hard, less falling, the yield is high, this fertilizer is also suitable for alkaline soil, so I use it all the time. Like this crop, the area of acid and saline soil also achieved 6 tons/ha, so the yield also increased (overall output increased by nearly 10% compared to the previous year), in addition, the rice price is good this year. Good harvest, high selling price, what's more fun in farming?"

Hiệu quả bất ngờ của N46.Plus từ chia sẻ của người nông dân - Ảnh 3.

Mr. Le Hoang Thai (Long An) on his rice field

In the Southeast region - Central Highlands, the capital of coffee, Mr. Pham Huy Toan, who has nearly 25 years of growing coffee, said: "Using Ca Mau green nitrogen and Ca Mau potassium has a good effect on coffee plants. It stimulates the rooting ability of the tree, limiting the loss of young fruit and the disease of branches and fruits ". 

N46.Plus green nitrogen is much superior to traditional urea, helping to increase productivity by nearly 10% while the amount of fertilizer is reduced by 30%, I don't even have to spend money on spraying pesticides. Thanks to the use of green protein, coffee trees have strong roots, durable trees, grain quality is improved and accepted by the most demanding markets, increasing income for farmers."

After 4 years of being on the market and serving crops for farmers, N46.Plus is increasingly appreciated for its quality as well as high economic efficiency for users. 

Nearly 10 years of establishment and development, Ca Mau Fertilizer has always strived to become the leading fertilizer production and trading enterprise in the region, not only step by step asserting its competitive position, but also aiming to contribute to the aspiration of contributing with other units to bring Vietnamese agriculture to high heights and reach far in the world market with quality products such as N46.Plus.