N46.Plus was used on an area of 0.5 ha of coffee garden and 0.35 ha of coffee garden according to farmers' fertilization habits with harvest time in December 2018. In fact, the demonstration coffee garden performed better than the control coffee crop when properly tended for and fertilized with N46.Plus. The demonstration model's economic efficiency is 198,000,000 VND/ha, whereas the control model's is 172,800,000 VND/ha, resulting in a difference of 25,200,000 VND/ha between the two models. The demonstration model yields 5.5 tons of coffee bean/ha, while the control model yields 4.8 tons of coffee bean/ha.

Pham Thanh Son shared: "Actual data has shown that proper and timely fertilization would help trees grow better, produce even and glossy fruits, and high yields. N46.Plus produces outstanding outcomes. Because N.46Plus has "double nitrogen protection," it decreases nitrogen loss during the rainy season and offers appropriate nourishment for coffee plants to grow and develop healthily. Farmers' coffee gardens grow well after a year of use, and reserve branches develop uniformly, which is a component of yield for the next crop. The demonstration coffee garden has more and longer branches than the control garden, with branches ranging from 41 to 43 cm in length."

            Mr. Nguyen Thanh Son - Officer of Lam Dong Agricultural Extension Center reported the results of the demonstration model

Me Linh land is thought to have several soil and climate characteristics in common with Da Lat, making it an ideal opportunity for the development of high-tech agriculture. People in Me Linh commune have boldly diversified crops, including cultivating vegetables and flowers in the direction of high-tech agricultural production, in recent years, from a commune with practically monoculture of coffee trees. The terrain abutting Da Lat City is gradually forming a huge vegetable and flower production area from here. As a result, one of the most significant duties of the Commune Farmer's Union is to improve production and product quality for local crops. 

As a consequence of the trial period with coffee plants, N46 Plus of PVCFC produced good results, with yield and quality greater than before. The Commune Farmer's Union will introduce and urge members to use N46 Plus for coffee plants and agricultural crops in general in the near future.

Coffee berries ready to be be picked

At the seminar, after reporting the results of the demonstration model using N46 Plus for coffee trees, PVCFC's representative introduced NPK Ca Mau products to farmers in Me Linh commune, provided the addresses of NPK Ca Mau agents in the area, assisted people in having economical and effective farming solutions, and avoided buying low-quality fertilizers; and, at the same time, guided people on how to fertilize coffee trees to achieve the highest efficiency.

      Farmers in Me Linh Commune posed for photos in front of the N46 Plus demonstration model