For the past few years, the plant’s operation has been guaranteed with safety and stability, doing wonders for not only PVN but also the Southwestern region. This culminated in a paradigm shift in the economic structure of Ca Mau province and the Mekong Delta, offering job opportunities for 1433 workers, 50% of which come from provinces of the Mekong Delta and are secure with stable income. According to the report, the company has been nurturing saving plan, which has reached 21,3 billion m3 recently; 93,37 billion kwh; PVCFC has produced nearly 7 million tons. Annually, Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant dedicated over 1600 billion VND to the province’s budget (reached 15485 billion VND from the onset of operation to now)

Meeting the operation team, comrade Tran Quoc Vuong was pleased to see the plants constructed with such great scale and modern technology. Moreover, he was appreciative of the team who was working relentlessly at the plant and for PVCFC, making a considerable contribution to industrial upscale, economic development, tackling unemployment and involvement in societal activities. Together with that, he praised the management team for making good use of cutting-edge technology, cutting down on energy, ceaselessly finding room for improvement, launching new products and being more attentive than ever to laborers at many units.

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Comrade Van Tien Thanh – Head of PVCFC presenting the course of products distribution to Standing Secretariat