These days, every single country is going to great lengths to contend with the novel virus. It has so far hit hard on population and economy of more than 218 nations and territories. There have been more than 1,6 million cases worldwide until April 10th. In a universal attempt to eradicate the disease, Vietnam has brought a range of preventive measures into force. In the midst of such an uphill battle, patriotism and solidarity is a must. Having only 250 cases without any death, Vietnamese people are having hope.

Being one of the most prestigious businesses in the domestic marketplace with nearly 900 workers, this new-found infection has taken a heavy toll on PVCFC. Nonetheless, the company is being more patient than ever in addressing the deteriorating situation.

At the very beginning, PVCFC has ensured conformity to guidelines given by the Ministry of Health with a view to minimizing the chance of cases springing up in the process of production when the infection possibility appears high. There are full instructions on how to wear a mask; Offices and factories are disinfected on a regular basis. Everyone involved in the course of production is provided with masks, hand sanitizers and mouthwash. On top of that, there has been an encouragement to exercise; Health supplements are gifted; hygiene must be guaranteed in the working environment.

The struggle with COVID-19 has lasted for more than 2 months. It is obvious that there is no sign of economic recuperation and the number of fatalities is on the rise. Social distancing is being put under way in order to contain the contagion. Safety is of the utmost importance and prioritized over any financial benefits. There has been a substantial dive in the number of infected cases for the past week. “It is imperative that compliance with the law be ensured. However, as one of the giants in the agro-industry, it is PVCFC mission to have food supply at the nation’s disposal. We have no choice but to proceed with our operation with strict adherence to the regulations put down for protection,” said Mr. Van Tien Thanh, the CEO of PVCFC. As a result of social distancing, workers are allowed to work from home, apart from the operation team who are make every attempt to complete the NPK project since it must go according to the plan. Besides, official residence has come under close scrutiny of PVCFC.

Workers must wear masks and a safe distance is guaranteed everywhere. People entering the factory must have their temperature taken beforehand due to the hazard of infection. There will be only online meetings with the aid of the Microsoft Team. There is a maximum of 20 people on each of the company’s vehicles.

All the corporation’s members are joining forces to win the new virus and rescue the whole country from the ongoing struggle. Despite inconvenience and homesickness, the future is believed to be propitious. “In spite of melancholy, I have overcome this for my family, colleagues and me. There is no room for complacency,” said Mr Pham Minh Nhat, an engineer in the Controlling Team who is in quarantine.

Notwithstanding the hardship, PVCFC has never ground its process of innovation to a halt. Handmade sanitizers have been obtained. Thermometers that are capable of taking temperature from afar, together with PIR and computerized cameras are installed by engineers in the Information Technology Team in charge of safety. All of these are emblematic of PVCFC thrive for creativity. Keeping still does not mean stoppage. Instead, it allows more space for propagation.

We proudly presented ourselves as reckless fighters against the current outbreak in an attempt to ensure the quality, keep pace with the pivotal project and steer clear of any interruptions in the business. In collaboration with the entire country, there is no denying that everything will soon be reverted to normal.