NPK CA MAU 19-9-19


Nitrogen (N): 19%
Phosphate(P205hh): 9%
Potassium (K2Ohh): 19%
Moisture: 1.5%
  Saving the amount of fertilizer

Gradually resolved to balance nutrition factors

Easy to mix, to apply and the amount of discolored substances is low

Suitable for many soil types and crops

Instruction for use

The amount of fertilizer and the fertilizing period for crops:

Rice: 100-120 kg / ha (Applying fertilizer: 38- 42 days after sowing)

Coffee: in the growing stage, applying 500-600 kg / ha / time (3 times / year: at the beginning of the rainy season / mid-rainy season / at the end of the rainy season)

Pepper: in the growing stage, applying 400-500 g / head / time (3 times / year: at the beginning of rainy season / middle of rainy season / at the end of rainy season)

Fruit: 300-600 g / tree / time (3-5 times / year: after fruit set / fruit grow 2-4 times)

Fruit and vegetable (watermelon, chili, tomato): in the growing period applying 150-200 kg / ha / time (1-3 times / crop)


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